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Best Hip Stretches for Tight Hips

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Tight hips are always standard for most of the people whether the person is an ordinary office employee or athlete and it mostly occurs due to less mobility. However, the percentage is more in individuals who spend most of the time by sitting and doesn’t move around much.

You would hardly notice or feel that you have tight hips in normal condition, but when you stretch your body, you will feel pain in your hips. This why it is crucial to pay attention to the hip which will keep you away from aches or pains and move freely.

The muscle in your hips assists in free movement, and you have to curb down the stiffness in the muscle so that it can function in full swing. You should spend some good amount of time in a day by stretching your hips. Most of the people hardly pay attention to their hips and spend their day by sitting which makes the muscles in the hip weak.

There are many hip stretches that you can opt for which will assist you to get rid of dysfunctional and stiff hips. Here we have listed the name of best hips stretches that can quickly loosen the stiff hips.

Lying Hip Rotation

Lying hip rotation is an easy hip stretch exercise, and it effectively works on the stiffness in the hip. To start this stretch, at first you need a lie down straight on the floor or on the mat and your both knees should stay bent. Then slowly you should put one ankle over the opposite knee, and it should stay properly crossed. After crossing the ankle, you should shift in and out of the stretch by slowly bend your hip in outer and inner direction. You should hold down the stretch with the help of your hand, and your hand should force down into the knee.

Piriformis Extending Exercise

Piriformis stretch is an uncommon exercise that works like magic, but you need to perform it correctly. At first, you should lie on your back on the floor and keep legs in bent position. Then cross one leg over other legs, and your knee should entirely cross the other leg so that knee is over your thigh. Then you should pull the knee close to your opposite shoulder, and this helps in extending the piriformis muscle. You should slowly perform this exercise, and you should hold the stretch for twenty seconds to thirty seconds depending upon your capability.

Butterfly Extend

The Butterfly stretch is a useful workout that improves hip rotation by a significant margin and frees muscles with ease. It is easy to perform this exercise, to do it correctly you just need to keep your back straight. The first step is to sit with your back upright, and your feet together. Your knees should stay close to the ground making a triangle. Then with the help of your hand, you should try to bring the hip towards the heel which helps loosen up your muscles. While pressing your hand against the ground you should keep your posture straight.

Frog Stretch

Frog stretch is an intensive stretching exercise where you have to get into frog position, but you should remember that you shouldn’t force yourself. At first, you should get into frog position by keeping both of your hand in forward direction and stretch your knee as far as possible. Then you have to move up and down by maintaining the posture and while stretching the knee should stay in the ground. During the back and forth movement, your toes should point outside, and you should repeat the exercise for the right amount of time. The relaxation period should not last more than one minute.

Kneel Lunge

If you really want to put some pressure on your hip muscles so that can curb down the stiffness then kneel lunge is ideal for you. At first, you should get into lunge posture, and you should maintain a considerable distance between the elevated leg and bent knee. Then you should straighten up the chest and keep the hip in firm posture. The pressure on hip muscles totally depends upon your stretch of the back knee. You can even try to pull the knee in the upward direction, but you should lose your balance which might hurt you. You might face difficulty at the beginning of adjusting the front leg, but it will get better after certain try.

Travelling Butterfly

Traveling butterfly is an exciting movement workout that starts from simple sitting and then ranges up to butterfly posture. This is an eccentric exercise where you don’t need to hold any position. This workout not only perks up the hip but also increases the circulation in the body. To perform this exercise, you should sit on the ground by keeping your feet straight and then by pressing against the ground with your hand you should push your hip in the forward direction. This movement will provide butterfly position, and then you should go to and fro motion.

Squatting Internal Rotation

Squatting internal rotation is a dynamic exercise that improves the blood circulation in the body and maintains the healthy state of the body. In this exercise, you have to reach a deep squat position and then put one knee in the ground by putting your leg behind. Then holding down your palm together you should rotate in both the sides. While performing this exercise, you should hold the end for a very long time.

Here are the best hip stretches you can opt for that will loosen up your tight hips and will allow you to move freely without feeling the crunch.

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