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Direction of Classic Physique

The outcome of the 2018 Classic Physique Olympia has a little more going for it than originally anticipated. Yes, it will be the third time that the industry’s newest category is decided on its biggest stage and that in itself is viewed as an accomplishment for acceptance by the fans and media alike. Even more so, classic physique was seemed to be a creation due to the negativity resulting from the bodybuilders’ physiques from those two entities, and – most importantly – Arnold Schwarzenegger.

In its inaugural Olympia foray, former veteran bodybuilder Danny Hester stood in the winner’s circle and brought with him the type of physique that was reminiscent of the Frank Zane look… exactly what the people had been clamoring for.

But then a year ago, Breon Ansley took the top spot with a look that was not exactly the same, even though he was a former bodybuilder like his predecessor. The former 212 competitor was markedly smaller and softer than his previous visits to the IFBB pro stage and although his physique was impressive, it appeared as if the winning formula was indeed a smaller one and not the quintessential 1970s bodybuilder that had been on everyone’s radar.

But in this year’s line-up, there will be a variety of physiques that include two potential champions in Chris Bumstead and Regan Grimes, with the former finishing a close second to Ansley last September. Grimes was a rising star in the open division and became part of the Camel Crew. But he decided to pare down his 300-pound frame and make the switch to classic physique.

Either one has the wider look and the one preferred by the naysayers who called for a division like this in the first place. So it will be interesting to see how the scorecards look if all three (Ansley, Bumstead, Grimes) are on stage in top condition.

We are proud to announce that OLD SKOOL IRON will be the title sponsor of our 2018 Olympia Weekend coverage September 13 – 16 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The mSm Family will be out in full force once again this year and we will be bringing you live broadcasts and interviews from the Olympia Expo, as well as from our ‘home base,’ The Alligator Bar at The Orleans Hotel and Casino, the official host hotel of Olympia Weekend.

We are flying in on Thursday and the coverage will kick off right away with previews of the Super Bowl of Bodybuilding. Many familiar faces – a number of them the competitors themselves – stay at The Orleans and we are going to be bringing you all of the action from Sin City.

Special thanks to Darren Manahan and the entire Old Skool Iron crew. FRANCHISE OPPORTUNITIES are available and there are four current locations: two in California and one each in Idaho and Texas. 

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