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Top 6 Qualities of the Best Residential Drug Rehab Facility

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Residential drug rehab facilities offer inpatient treatment to recovering drug addicts, especially those that have an out of control addiction. Others might not require residential rehab facilities for proper treatment since they can be treatedand they go home after the treatment.

However, for those that need the services of a residential drug rehab facility, getting the best services is what is required. How then do you choose the best residential drug rehab facility? Here are some qualities to look out for before making that very important decision, with another aspect being if the person is paying for rehab with insurance.


One of the aspects that determine how the treatment will be tailored to meet individual needs is an evaluation. A good facility provides a comprehensive evaluation of the condition of the addict before they can start the treatment program.

They should look critically at the history of the drug use of the patient, any mental conditions, existing medical and psychological conditions that may arise and so many other such evaluation aspects to help with the treatment.

Wholesome Treatment

The treatment to be offered in the facility should be wholesome. This means it should focus on a patient’s general well-being. It takes care of not only the addiction, but also the mental, psychological, physical and other conditions.

The problems are either associated with the drug use or illness the patient could be suffering from. If the treatment isn’t wholesome, the patient might relapse to the addiction quickly.

Long Treatment Durations

Another consideration to take on how to choose the right residential drug rehab facility in Florida is the treatment duration. The treatment duration should be at least three months and even longer depend on the evaluation that has been done on the patient before and the response to the treatment.

Not all the patients will recover the same way depending on the extent of the addiction and other problems the patient is going through.

Treatment Is Tailored To Patients’ Needs

Addiction is not like other diseases that have the same signs and symptoms in many if not all patients. Addiction is complex, andno two patients go through the same problems.

The treatment offered, therefore, should be tailored to the specific needs of the patient. This is also strongly guided by the comprehensive evaluation done by the doctors before taking in the patient.

Treatment Is Highly Modified

It is important that the treatment being given is not only personalized, but it should be modified from time to time to meet the needs of the patient at that time. This, therefore, means that the patient should be monitored regularly and the changes to the treatment should be ongoing.

Treatment Should Include Detox

Fora quick recovery from drug addiction, detoxification should be a mandatory part of the treatment. This is because detoxification removes the drugs from the system, making it easy for the patient to get through the healing system without their judgment being impaired.

Other qualities of the best residential drug rehab facility include; behavioral treatment interventions, support group models, ready treatment and many others.

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