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Our Challenge To NFL Players Protesting

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Since MuscleSport, LLC has been the only media outlet with the balls to not only boycott the National Football League due to the National Anthem protests, but also recognize the real issue that the players have stated is the reason for their either taking a knee or holding up a fist.

The United States military is not the target of their ’cause,’ but rather our nation’s police departments and criminal justice system.

And with that, we would like to present a challenge to any NFL player partaking in these protests, the NFLPA and even their retired brethren and supporters in the media (such as Shannon Sharpe):


Per Bernal

We have had excellent relationships with some of these people we are challenging. Take Sharpe, for instance. During my tenure at Muscular Development/FitnessRX, I was instrumental in bringing him on board as a columnist for the print publication and – quite frankly – was his ghostwriter for the year the Pro Football Hall of Famer worked with us.

We first met at the cover photo shoot/interview/video in Atlanta and spoke on the telephone frequently to get the information for his column; his number is still in my cell phone ‘Contacts,’ and we have touched base via Twitter on and off since that time in 2014. I have utter respect for Sharpe and enjoy watching him and Skip Bayless on FOX Sports 1’s “Undisputed.”  

Colin Kaepernick was a few months removed from a Super Bowl appearance and one completion away from an amazing victory when I had the opportunity to sit down with him in Denver for a one-on-one interview for a feature article. The man that I met that day was vastly different from the one who I will freely admit is being blackballed from the NFL due to his political stance; he still possesses talent that is worthy of a roster spot and most likely a starting role somewhere in the league. 

Kaepernick was a soft spoken, humble and pious young man that day in 2013 and we spoke about not only sports, but also the meaning of his many tattoos (majority of them Biblical in nature). I walked away from it with not only a killer feature article, but also a big fan of Kaepernick, the man, not only the professional athlete.

Lastly, I had the pleasure of interviewing Kenny Stills, Jr. when he was a rookie in his first training camp as a member of the New Orleans Saints. He was an undersized 2013 fifth round draft choice and no lock to make the team, let alone become a very valuable weapon on the gridiron. Stills proved himself and has become a budding star wide receiver for the Miami Dolphins.

So my critiquing of these three gentlemen comes with no intent of malice nor prejudice; my personal experiences with the trio was nothing but enlightening and positive in nature. This is merely a disagreement in a hotly contested political issue and I am going about my case with a fact-based offense.

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