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Jason Genova on Finally ‘Losing It’

MuscleSport Magazine columnist Jason Genova joins us and discusses the following:
*Why he is not competing at Muscle Beach on July 4th and what Average Rich had to do with the decision.
*MD suck boy Ron Harris basically cyber bullying Jason on the MD forums by making light of his disabilities, the death of his step father, his physique, the size of his penis, accusing him of being a homosexual, questioning his integrity about losing his virginity and more.
*Chatter about the Delray Misfits – being back in the fold, joining them on their podcast, the Memorial Day party where he made love to three women who earn a living via ‘The World’s Oldest Profession.’
This episode also includes segments from Dina Burley (The Most Amazing Ass of All Time), Chris Brah (Masterpieces by Chris Brah), Joe Pietaro (The Nose Knows – Starbucks Racial Brave & mSm Sports Shot – Stephen A. Smith’s ass-eating apology).
Season 2, Episode 23. MSTV is our weekly variety program.

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