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ONNIT Supplements and Coupon Code

ONNIT is a company that provides supplements that help you achieve total human optimization. These supplements are built with the best natural nutrients and contain scientifically proven ingredients. The following are some of the most popular supplements that ONNIT offers, and what they can do for you as they boost your mind, body, performance, and overall health.



Focus: Alpha Brain

Alpha Brain is perhaps the most popular supplement that ONNIT offers. A nootropic, which means that it is a dietary supplement that helps support certain brain functions such as memory, mental speed, and focus, Alpha Brain may help you focus, remember more, and improve your mental speed. Whether you’re working, socializing, or competing, Alpha Brain is basically another gear for your brain.


Relax/Sleep: New Mood

New Mood is another popular ONNIT supplement. It provides the nutrients that will help your body optimize serotonin levels; serotonin is a key neurotransmitter that is linked to mood, happiness, and a positive outlook. It also can help with sleep; New Mood is ideal to help you deal with stress, a down mood, or to achieve refreshing sleep.


Performance: Shroom TECH Sport

The idea behind Shroom Tech Sport was to create a safe, daily supplement for athletes. It promises clean energy and health benefits, with an exclusive combination of antioxidants, methyl-B12, adaptogens, and cordyceps sinensis mushrooms. In a double blind placebo test performed at Florida State University, results showed that there was a statistically significant increase in participant’s performance.


Support: Shroom TECH Immune

This is another daily supplement that supports strength and is a food-based supplement with a rounded formula that includes Chaga mushrooms, one of the most immune-stimulating mushrooms in the world. This provides the body with key nutrients.


Stron Bone

This supplement is full of Strontium, a mineral that helps fortify bones. Clinical research shows that this mineral can help reduce the amount of bone cells that break down; damages to the bones are among the most common injuries among athletes. Stron Bone supports bone integrity and boosts overall vitality.



This supplement has a proprietary formula that helps the body in its response to oxidative stress, and it supports the immune system with a combination of potent nutrients. Quench free radicals and boost your body with antioxidants, including Vitamin C.


Vitality: Krill Oil

Omega-3s are essential fatty acids that multiple systems in your body need, and Krill is a powerhouse when it comes to providing Omega-3. This supplement can help you optimize your overall vitality and how you move and think.


Spirulina and Chlorella

Spirulina and Chlorella are both green superfoods, and this combination provides complete protein as well as a wide array of vitamins and minerals. This supplement is perfect as support to a plant-based diet, and boosts endurance as it also promotes heart health.


Daily: Active B Complete

This supplement is chock full of B vitamins, which help power your body’s most critical systems, including mental support and energy support. A good VitaminB supplement can make a huge difference to your day.



No matter what your daily life takes on, you will find a wide range of supplements for your lifestyle at ONNIT.  If you want to save 10% on food and supplements at check out this coupon codeDRENCH10.


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