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Well-Deserved Olympia Win For Shawn Rhoden

Brian Landis

Taking nothing away from Shawn Rhoden – who did ‘knock out’ the champ in our opinion and was a deserving winner – we still feel that our theory heard into the 2018 Mr. Olympia holds water. As a matter of fact, it strengthens it because there was someone who when crowned champion would not have seemed like a stretch just to give one back at Phil Heath.


Here’s a quick recap in the event you did not read our article or view the video on this subject: We felt that Heath was going to get ‘spanked’ by Weider/AMI – his former employer since 2005 until a few months ago – for being all ‘chummy’ with Muscular Development lately, as well as shitting all over the IFBB’s new ‘pet,’ men’s classic physique. Add to to the fact that Heath is the most unpopular Olympia winner and cannot even garner excitement when he was on the cusp of tying the record for Sandows. 

So we had a gut feeling that Heath was going to come in looking sharp but not blow away the entire field of competitors and that Dexter Jackson – a very marketable bodybuilder who has an Olympia win and holds the record for the most Arnold Classic titles – would show up as he always does, be close enough to give Heath a run for his money and come away with a close win… with the taking Heath off his pedestal factored in.

Jackson did not look the way we have become used to seeing him but Rhoden looked his very best ever. Flexatron came close in 2016 when he finished as Heath’s runner-up but took a step back last year. He appeared to be trying to put on more size and that took away from what git him there in the first place – an amazing atheistic physique. But he did have some injuries – a wired jaw, for instance, during his prep that threw him off. Plus Rhoden is on the long side of 40 and it was speculated by us that his window of opportunity may have closed.

Boy, were we wrong!

So if you break down our theory, having someone look markedly better than Heath made it even easier to shove one up his ass. People were complaining in 2017 that Big Ramy should have won and this time around, Roelly Winklaar (who, by the way, was named the inaugural People’s Champion) was being talked about by the fans as the true winner.

But Rhoden was clearly ahead of those massive guys and Heath.


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