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6 Ways to Help You Stay Alert and Focused Throughout the Day

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Being focused and energized at your workplace increases your creativity and productivity. However, workdays can be like a rollercoaster ride, but people try as much as they could to be productive despite losing focus and feeling drained during the day. Sometimes, caffeine is a quick fix but the energy it provides last for a short time.


To help you remain productive, we explore six ways that will make you stay alert and focused throughout the day.

Do some exercise

If you have ever gone for a walk to clear your mind, you must have experienced that it has some benefits; it enables you to regain your focus. You can take a walk for five minutes every two hours in order to get your blood flowing. You can also try some desk squats or some stretches on your desk; this will keep you feeling good.

Eat Healthy food

Food regulates your energy and moods, which can have an impact on your focus. As a result, you need to eat healthy food in order to maintain your focus and energy. Carbs such as a whole grain take a long time to digest thus allowing you to gain high energy from it for a longer period. Whole grains are also beneficial in sharpening mental awareness and providing satiety.

Additionally, eating food with protein also boost concentration and mental focus. The best foods with proteins good for you are grass-fed beef and pasture raised meat.


Furthermore, you can beat cravings and feel full during the day by eating food full of fiber. This sense of satiety will fuel your brain to be focused and prevent distraction as you work on a project.


Beans can also keep your energy level constant because of its low glycemic index, which prevents insulin from spiking.


Besides food, there are also some supplements and compounds that work as a brain stimulant and have a wide variety of benefits, but the only problem is that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) controls most of it. However, you can still get some alternative to those controlled by the FDA, for example, Adrafinil is an alternative to Modafinil. Adrafinil is a compound, which can stimulate your brain and has some benefits, for instance, uplifts moods and boost energy level. The compound is also known to prolong users’ attention and can be bought without a prescription from a doctor. It’s important that you review the benefits and side effects of any supplement you intent to purchase. Furthermore, make sure that you buy from a reputable vendor.

Take deep, constructed breath

You may not think about this, but oxygen intake can surely have an impact on your focus. Breathing exercise increases the oxygen intake that makes you feel relaxed. In turn, oxygen intake relieves stress and powers your brain. Therefore, when you feel like your energy is slipping, just take a few deep breaths to gain back your energy.

Take a break away from your computer

If you stay behind your computer for so long, you’ll experience dry eyes, fatigue, and a headache; therefore, it’s recommended that you take a 15-minute break every two hours to prevent such symptoms.


A break from your screen will also help you refresh your mind as well as give your eyes a chance to rest; so, make sure that you switch your environment to maintain your focus throughout the day.

Take your pen, paper and scribble down

Grabbing a pen and paper puts you in a different frame of mind than writing on your computer. These acts clear your mind and help you regain your focus. If you struggle to figure out what to write down, just write anything that comes into your mind at that particular moment to get on an initial roll.


Being dehydrated is not only uncomfortable but can be harmful to your cognitive function. Studies show that mild dehydration can affect your short-term memory and attention. Therefore, it’s advisable that you get enough water every day. The World Health Organization recommends 2.5 liters of water for men and 2.2 liters of water for women.


If being tethered to a bottle of water throughout the day sounds trying to you, worry less! Taking food, vegetables, or fruits during the day helps to offset the amount of water you need to drink.

Some of these ways that can help to stay alert and focused may not work for everyone. However, for you to get the most out of these techniques, it’s better to combine one or two for several weeks until you see the way your body or mind respond to them. With tactical adjustment, you will notice an increase in your energy and focus; hence, you will be able to work towards achieving your goals at work.

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