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How to Gain Weight: The Do’s and Don’ts

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Body weight has an impact on our general health and well being. If you are overweight, you have a reason to work out a realistic plan to shed the excess weight before the risk associated with being obese catch up with you. The same applies to those who are skinny; you must take the necessary steps to adjust your lifestyle to attain your ideal weight. You will not succeed in the mission if you don’t have the correct information on what and what not to do. In this article, I will discuss what you ought to do to gain weight healthily and what to avoid.


• Eat adequate proteins

To gain weight healthily, you must cut down on junk food and over processed foods. You require protein for bulking; go for protein foods to supplement your daily calories. Foods like, fish, poultry, pulses, eggs, pork, etc. are excellent sources of proteins that will assist your body to regenerate muscles. If you are not versed in how you can formulate your menus to ensure you get sufficient proteins you can seek the assistance of your nutritionist.

• Adequate sleep

Rest is essential for weight gain. Our bodies build up and regenerate when we are asleep. Sufficient sleep also assists us to avoid body fatigue and stress. Experts’ advise us to get at least eight hours of quality sleep every day for optimum body functions. Avoid substances that will affect your sleep like coffee and tea a few hours before you go to bed.

• Avoid taking drinks before eating

If you take lots of water of beverages before meals, you will feel full and lose the urge to eat. This will have a negative impact on your weight gain mission. If you are to take drinks, do this after you are done with your meals. This ensures you have eaten foods that contribute to healthy weight gain.

• Stick to the right people

Unhealthy eating habits do contribute to both weight loss and weight gain. If you want to gain weight healthily, you must at times make a critical decision about who hangs out with you. If your friends are people who are always eating junk foods, you will have a hard time achieving your weight gain goals. Stay close to people who understand your needs, and who are ready to support you.

• Eat regularly

You stand a higher chance of gaining weight if you eat healthy small portions of food frequently. Most underweight individuals lack appetite; you should make it your habit to eat small meals that contain adequate proteins. Another option will be to rely on snacks that are protein in nature. If you eat small meals frequently, your body will have enough nutrients to build muscles.


• Avoid strenuous aerobic exercises.

Your goal is to gain weight not to burn calories. Exercises that are meant for individuals who want to lose weight usually emphasize on burning calories. If you are to gain weight, you must avoid such activities. An example is cardio exercises.

• Adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Lifestyle change in mandatory for those with the aim of gaining weight. If you are determined to gain weight in a natural way, you must keep smoking and alcoholism or any form of drug abuse. Drug abuse is among the leading causes of weight loss. Alcoholism and smoking affect appetite thus limiting your efforts to gain weight.

• Keep off weight gain supplements.

Though some weight gain supplements work, many are loaded with a chemical that has adverse effects on your weight. If you are to take any bodybuilding supplements, ensure that you have discussed the issue with your doctor.

• Avoid overeating and junk foods.

Weight gain results from eating the right foods and in the correct amounts. If you eat any food that comes your way, you will end up becoming fat rather than building your body. Accumulation fat in your body comes along with its risks to your health. Avoid overdoing carbohydrates and junk foods as they will lead in the accumulation of fat in your body.


Weight gain is a realistic goal that can be achieved if you stick to the right advice and eat healthily. You must avoid poor eating habits and embrace healthy eating. Unhealthy lifestyles must also be done ways to. If you have difficulties formulating your meals, a nutritionist will come in handy to assist you to achieve your set weight gain dream. The points I have highlighted above will help you to gain weight healthily.

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