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Arian Foster & mSm Build NFL Boycott Bridge

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When it comes to the discussion of the NFL players’ ‘take-a-knee’protest, lines have been drawn on both sides of the argument (and don’t think for a moment that it is anything but) to the degree of some folks – the author included – swearing off watching this league ever again after decades of a rabid and passionate following. And the people choosing the side of the kneelers have resorted to immediate accusations of racism of their ‘opponents.’


Make no mistake, this issue is as clear as black and white… pun intended, of course.


Two unlikely parties on opposite sides started a dialogue via Twitter direct messaging and it started out in the predictable manner – contentious and with guarded pessimism.

Arian Foster, former star NFL running back for the Houston Texans, has become a podcast host in retirement and is an outspoken black man who has no problem bringing up issues that fan the racial flames. In all fairness, he has that choice as the person running his own show and is a staunch supporter of his former brethren who have decided to protest racial injustice in our country from a law enforcement standpoint during the playing of our National Anthem.


But in the same light, this writer has chosen to not only boycott the NFL as a fan, but also as a media outlet that has covered the league since Day One in 2008.


So, you have a black former NFL player taking a stance for the protestors facing off against a white sportswriter who is also a retired NYPD sergeant.





We posted a very detailed feature article recognizing the argument of the protestors, which is commonly stated as anti-military and/or anti-flag. As a matter of fact, we welcome their reasoning and wanted to engage in a discussion about the police-related shootings of black males, the incidents that have become talking points of a situation that is ready to explode.


We tagged Foster on a Twitter post with a link to the article, “Our Challenge to the NFL Protestors,”and he responded with a direct message from his verified Twitter account feeno – @ArianFoster.


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