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Arian Foster & mSm Build NFL Boycott Bridge

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“LOL so what’s there to discuss?”


We came back with, “Predictable reply, but I was hopeful that you would have the balls to actually discuss these shootings and why the protest is misguided.”


We invited Foster on MuscleSport TV for a discussion and he continued to ask what our premise was. We countered with an acknowledgement that the protest is not military-related and that we have debunked a lot of the false narratives from the various police shootings over the past few years. We also added that both Colin Kaepernick and Eric Reid were talented enough to be in the league and the former’s collusion case, although difficult to prove legally, was a slam dunk in the court of public opinion – in favor of Kaepernick. 


“I’d say your premise is a bit misguided,” answered Foster. “While I’d admit this protest was never intricately drawn out and well thought out with a clear end goal, it’s multi-faceted. To pigeon hole it into one category to fit a narrative is a bit disingenuous. Also, the debunking is relatively pointless because we would be arguing via anecdote.


“I’m unclear as to what you’re trying to gain other than clicks for your website,” he continued.


Our response was that we could definitely have a “non-argumentative discussion” judging by our cordial exchange so far and this author was transparent with Foster by informing him that he was in fact a retired cop, as well, and that breaking down these shootings would not cause any friction, as long as both parties stuck to the facts. And to prove that we were not only after hits, we offered to have the discussion on Foster’s podcast.


Foster countered with a confusing statement that we were “stuck on debating facts of cases we have third hand accounts of” and that would be “pointless” and that “social science is not an objective truth.” 


Facts cannot and should be debatable, thus making them from the entire point to what Foster described as “pointless.” We respectively disagree with that entire portion, as well as when Foster continued with, “It wasn’t just one issue,” which we understood as the individual police-related shootings, and “to argue facts of several cases would be tiresome and a waste of time.”




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