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Getting the Most Bang For Your Buck

Anytime we set out to do something, accomplish something, or overcome a real or perceived obstacle in our lives, it would behoove us to go about it the most efficient way possible if we truly want to maximize our chances for success. Bodybuilding is absolutely no different. I’ve been a personal trainer in Austin for over 20 years as well as a gym owner for well over a decade, and thankfully, have figured a couple of things out over the years which I regularly employ with all of my clients, no matter if they’re Olympia level bodybuilders, or first time gym members. Several things must be in place in order for them to get the most bang for their buck in order to reach their goals.

Maximizing your potential gains in anything your undertake means that you will need to do absolutely everything within your ability to be sure that you have an unwavering dedication, and the utmost consistency in your efforts. Once again, bodybuilding is no exception to this. If you want to be able to compete at a higher level in anything you do, you must train not only effectively, but efficiently as well. That’s what I refer to as getting the most bang for your buck.

One of the key elements to getting the most bang for your buck in bodybuilding, as well as in anything you do in life, is to not take shortcuts. They may seem appealing and tempt us with an easier path to our goals, but they are more often than not nothing more than a mirage in the desert. In other words, they simply don’t exist if you’re serious about achieving something. One shortcut I see quite often is people not being honest with themselves. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I see people justifying their lack of consistency with the rationale that the effort they’ve put in previously will offset the extra cocktails or dessert servings. Another way people short change themselves, is with the delusion that they have put in enough effort. This is exactly why whether I’m training myself, housewives, or professional athletes, I don’t subscribe to the 3 sets of 10 rules, or any of it’s variations. I prefer feel to generalizations. If I told a client to curl a dumbbell 12 times, and when they were completing the final rep, I see that the form is fully intact, and they aren’t yet to failure, I’ll ask for more repetitions. You don’t get a prize for satisfying your prescribed quota, but rather for bringing your muscles truly to failure…and that prize is growth.

Another aspect I see very often in the gym is people not being candidates for the lifts they’re wanting or trying to do. It is very common in gyms across the world as well as in programs such as Crossfit, for example, to see an under qualified “personal trainer” having everybody do the same movements. This is a recipe for disaster if there ever was one. Just imagine if we all had to do X number of sets of overhead barbell presses, but I happen to have an impingement of the radial nerve on my right side as the result of an overly tight infraspinatus muscle, I would have no business attempting that lift until the problem has been fully remedied. Doing so would only exacerbate the problem. This same type of issue also holds true with lifters who are kidding themselves about how much weight belongs on the bar. Just remember, if you’re not training or competing in powerlifting, it is completely inconsequential how much weight you lift, however, what is all important, is how you lift that said weight. Trying to impress folks who follow you on social media or those whom are within close proximity at the gym with how mighty you are, is a childish diversion of where you should be focusing your energy and efforts if you want to achieve more in bodybuilding. It is only when you can successfully weave together the proper nutrition and the proper training for YOU personally, and then maintain the utmost level of consistency and efficiency, that real results happen will happen. There are no shortcuts to the Mr. Olympia crown, nor are there any shortcuts to the feeling you get when you look in the mirror and are not only proud of your efforts, but happy with what you see staring back at you.

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