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Big Rob Fitness vs. Jonny Bravo – Challenge Accepted

The ongoing feud between Big Rob Fitness & Jonny Bravo will be coming to a head with a charity cage MMA match. This all came about during the8/27/18 Instagram Live broadcast of “Hot Stuff Presents MuscleSport Radio” when Rob joined host Joe Pietaro. Bravo jumped on the live feed and after a few esoteric ‘small print’ back-and-forths, both men agreed to meet in the cage. MuscleSport Media will be promoting and covering the event, of course, with a date and location still to be determined. This saga will be developing in the coming weeks. Be sure to tune into MuscleSport Media for details.

“Hot Stuff Presents MuscleSport Radio” is broadcasted live every Monday at 3 PM EST on Instagram (@musclesportmag) and archived on YouTube (MuscleSportTV) & our website. Thank you as always to our title sponsor –

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