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The Right Indoor Exercise Equipment Just For You

At times the weather can get terrible and make it impossible to leave the house. Well, this does not have to stop you from exercising and losing some few pounds. You do not have to go to the gym where there is a lot of equipment as you can buy yours which are relatively reliable as those from the gym. Having your stuff at the house makes it so easy to follow a routine and keep in check your progress rate. So, here are among the best exercise equipment considered a must-have.

Withings Body Cardio


Keeping tabs on one’s progress is by far a crucial task with regards to fitness. Knowing where you stand enables you to get the right exercises to address every problem you may want to solve. The Withings Body Cardio not only works as a scale, but also helps you keep track of the body mass index, weight, fat mass and even the heart rate. With those many functionalities, it is clear that it is something you would want as a companion in your fitness journey.


Here are some of the benefits accrued from using the Withings Body Cardio:


  • Weight accuracy
  • Measures the pulse weight velocity
  • Measures different body compositions
  • Helps determine the type of exercises


The good thing with this piece is that it connects to both the Android and Iphone users that facilitate easy monitoring. Working out as a group can be so fun and productive. This device allows you to add up to eight users and also gives information about them independently. The app versions help keep in check your goals, mass graph and heart rate. Recently they have modified it to give weather updates and step counting. For me, it’s a great big yes to this equipment due to the many functions it comes with. It is an all in one package deal.



When it comes to weights, there cannot be better versatile equipment, especially the you use the best adjustable dumbbells. With the dumbbells, you get to use it in many different ways which makes it highly effective. For strength and muscles spacing for literally all the major muscle groups, it is essential. They double in muscle coordination which significantly boosts your control system. With fat, all you have to do is build more muscle, and for both women and men, the dumbbell does this work correctly.


Well, here are some of the reasons why you should purchase it:


  • Provides quick muscle growth
  • Creates better inter-muscular coordination
  • Performs a variety of exercises
  • Improve muscle elasticity


There is a lot of stuff you can do with the dumbbell. One of them is the burpee. Though a strong activity, it helps build a great physique craved for by most of us. It helps build strength which comes in handy especially when a job demands a lot of power. It comes as a set having various weights to suit your preferences and needs. Moreover, you can get the adjustable ones, though it will cost you a few more pennies, in the long run, will be worthwhile. The more you have, the more the space you will require in this case be sure to get proper storage, and you will be set to get great muscles.

Power Rack


When it comes to lifting heavy weights, one must always have a spotter for safety purposes. The power rack is most common in the gym as there is still someone to help out. It raises a question and a need for having weightlifting equipment without the need of having someone by your side. Well, this might be the answer to your question. The power rack provides you with a safe working environment that helps avoid all those wrong solutions.


So here are some of its advantages:


  • No need for a helper or spotter
  • Numerous exercises
  • Precise training
  • Confidence
  • Safe and easy to use


They come with their inbuilt spotters which covers the need for a helper. It allows you to reach maximum loads without fear of being crushed by the bar. For particular exercises, they come with barbell drops that are helpful and have by far the safest benches. In addition to that, they come with other fixtures that come in highly needed for different exercises. Among them is the pull-up bar or a fully developed pulley system. There is no end to the advantages of this particular piece when it comes to weights. Be sure to grab one. For great abs, biceps and triceps they surely are the way to go.


Power Towers


We all want to go to the gym because of the all-round experience we get. What if I told you that you could get that straight in the comfort of your house? For strength purposes, the power towers top them all. By far they help you do a tremendous amount of work while having the possibility of making dynamic moves. The total effect is highly dependent on the quality thus making it wise if you would choose to invest more in this piece as it will never disappoint.


Among the benefits include:


  • Unique workout techniques
  • Does not take up much space
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Carry heavyweights
  • Multiple stations


Notably, the best workouts schemes come with lots of fittings that help you perform numerous activities from the same place. The power tracks come with additional fittings which include adjustable bars or cushioned back pads that do well for the perfect upper body workout. With this, you get the best body weight activities including push ups and abs workouts that produce magnificent results. Though a bit pricey, it is better to invest in one because in the long term your returns will come back.



The best treadmill for home use is a question that lingers in the minds of most fitness fanatics. Well, no need to worry about that as there are the best that offer you quality results. The most excellent home treadmills are made to address convenience and come with the right fixtures for the best results possible. The goodness with this piece is that it is multi-purpose that suits lots of fitness schedules while taking care of a sizeable number of family members.


Some of the advantages include:


  • Easy to use
  • Tracks progress
  • Improves heart health
  • Better muscle tone
  • Help lose weight faster


If you are the type who gets up early to work out, you need not worry as it produces a negligible sound which allows your family to go on with their business without necessarily disturbing them. Before buying one, it is essential that you pinpoint out your needs first which will influence the type of treadmill you will get. Consider purchasing a multipurpose one that will allow you to run as well as take a walk at times. The high tech ones come in highly recommended due to the additional features it comes with. It is much better to invest in one that suits almost all your needs rather than having a lot of equipment.


Indoor Bikes


Cycling is a rigorous activity that burns a lot of calories fast and spares your joints from massive destruction. Relieving pressure from your back should be a key consideration, and with the indoor bike, it allows you to do just that. The bicycle also comes with a provision for multitasking which brings even better results in the long run.


Here are the reasons why you should get the bike:


  • Great for improving balance
  • Works both the arms and the legs
  • Comes in at an affordable price
  • Takes up less space
  • Gives more workout options


There are two types of exercise bicycles the recumbent and the upright bike. It all goes down to what you need. It is of essence that one should get help choose recumbent or upright bike as they both take care of specific needs and one needs to be careful not to get the wrong type.


For instance, if you are focused on powering your legs and always being in a straight position, then the upright bike should be the way to go. Meanwhile, if you would prefer to put less strain on your arms and sit in a reclined position, then the recumbent bike might be the best pick. It is a much lower impact type of exercise that provides the least strain. So if you are up to burning some calories fast and get a quick session of thorough activities before going to work, then this might be the answer.


Dynapro Exercise Ball


When it comes to the most underrated exercise pieces, it comes in top of the list. With the Dynapro ball, you have the advantage of doing workouts that improve body balance and help in most of the weight-bearing activities. While most of us spend lots of time either in front of our personal computers or television screens the ball comes in quite handy in evading the repercussions of these daily activities that are the norm.


Here are the main reasons why you should own at least one:

  • Improves strength
  • Enhances posture and balance
  • Helps develop a strong cardiovascular system
  • Occupies less space


It has an anti-burst casing and is easy to inflate which makes it easy to use. It can hold a whopping two thousand pounds; therefore, you need not worry about the weight limits. They come in different fitness levels which helps tackle various problems and specific issues. It is essential, therefore to determine the type of results and what part you want to focus on before purchasing the product. The skin allows for maximum skin contact which generally offers a better workout experience altogether.


Jump Rope


At the top of every fitness goal list comes the cardiovascular regimen. It is hard to avoid working out on your cardiovascular due to the necessity of always being in check with matters primarily related to the heart. Have you ever wondered why boxers use the jump rope so much? Well, it is because it works efficiently to improve your cardio, builds strength fast and helps burn calories.


Well, to help you decide faster here are some benefits that will help you see the goodness of this product:


  • Increase resilience to the legs
  • Enhances cognitive functions
  • Improves body balance
  • Highly portable
  • Easy and simple to use


On matters speed and endurance there is no need to go for any other thing other than the jump rope. They come in at a considerable amount which makes it easy to own one. For more results, you can go for the weighty ones though they cost a bit more in the long run, will accomplish the desired effect. It typically provides you with the much-needed qualities especially if you engage in multiple exercise activities.


Punching Bags


Most think that they are explicitly for boxers, but that is not the case. For cardio, then consider a punching bag. It has multiple effects on the cardiovascular system and trains the whole body. It is a high-intensity workout scheme that breeds excellent results within a short period. Not only does it improve on your physique, but also has the capabilities of being a great stress reliever. It helps keep the heart rate in check while allowing you to lose some considerable fat mass.


Here are some benefits garnered from boxing:


  • Lower stress levels
  • Increase cardiovascular health
  • Improved body composition
  • Better hand-eye coordination
  • Burns fats and calories fast


This sort of exercise also helps you stay fit at all times. All you have to do is learn the elemental punches and research on the best combinations, and you are well off on the road to success. While it may need other accessories like the gloves, it is worth every dime as the results are great and most definitely you will not be disappointed.


To sum up, numerous activities are done indoors. Some of them do not need equipment, but they are by far and beyond a must have due to their many benefits. The list has been extensive and is due to prove beneficial if efficiently implemented. Good luck on your fitness journey.


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