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Do You Have the Gut(s) to Be a Bodybuilder?

The sport of bodybuilding is constantly evolving and more times than not, it coincides with the drugs involved. You can only get so freaky looking with the amounts and compounds that people used in the 1980s and up to the early 90s. But once the newer drugs began hitting the market, the bodybuilders continued to get freakier with sheer mass. And at the end of the day, the biggest, most conditioned competitor was going to walk away with the win.

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Now times have changed and the judges are starting to mark down the distended midsections. It appeared that the guts were starting to get accepted but that changed once the newer classes (MPD, classic physique) started, with a lot of bodybuilders getting screwed and the more aesthetic guys winning – even in the regular open category.

If your gut is obviously out of hand when you hit the stage, then of course you should be marked down for it. But when you’re not on stage, eating lots of food and taking certain drugs, then you are 100 percent going to be distended; that’s the name of the game.


In my opinion, I think that most men’s physique competitors wish that they were bodybuilders. They kept trying over and over but failed at it and they only hit the scene once MPD came around because they wanted an easy way of obtaining an IFBB pro card.


Look back even as recent as the early 2000s and what bodybuilders looked like during the offseason. They all had guts but there weren’t any negative connotations towards them; it’s just what happens when you are trying to add quality size to your frame. So a lot of these guys talking shit are just haters spewing out nonsense about a normal side effect that occurs when you are trying to become a freak.

There always seem to the never-ending argument on what is the main cause of the distended midsections. Look at it objectively and step away from the bodybuilding aspect for a moment – a big gut is usually the result of eating too damn much. We all know plenty of people who do not take any PEDs (or perhaps don’t even go to the gym, either) who have a gut. So with the massive amounts of food that bodybuilders eat, it’s bound to happen. But then you add certain drugs into the mix and their guts are much more pronounced.


Without the huge portions of food, bodybuilders wouldn’t have that turtle shell-looking gut – no matter what drugs they took. Sure, there are certain drugs that effect digestion in a negative way and that can cause distention, too. But the drugs that enhance the gut when all that food is consumed are insulin, HGH and IGF-1, and all three are very popular these days in the bodybuilding community.


I’ve taken an entirely different approach when it comes to my gut. I never try to suck it in or hide it (and only did so on stage when I competed) and have received the hater comments because of it. That’s such nonsense because I’m one of the only guys out there who’s truly honest about it.


Most of these guys that you see on social media also have guts when they’re in a relaxed state but once there’s a camera in their face and they know that will end up on the Internet, they immediately suck it in. If you ask me, that’s fraud in a way. If it’s not you, then don’t portray yourself in that light. This gives people the wrong idea and when you hit the stage and the truth – ie: gut – comes out, you look like a fool.


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