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POS Isaiah Crowell Mocking No-Balls Bowles With Endorsement Deal

Dude Wipes/Twitter

It was bad enough when the New York Jets brought in a player who had the balls to post a drawing of a uniformed police officer being executed ISIS-style on his Twitter account. Isaiah Crowell  – formerly of the Cleveland Browns – should be thankful that he was able to bullshit his way through the interview process to hoodwink the Jets hierarchy that he would not be a behavioral problem.

That didn’t take long to blow up in their faces.

During the second quarter of a Week 3 loss to his former team (their first win in 635 days… yes, you read that correctly), Crowell took the juvenile act of over-the-top touchdown celebrations to a new low by wiping his ass with the football. He was flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct and fined over $13,000 by the NFL.


And to complete the clown make-up application, Crowell is now endorsing a butt wipe product called DUDE Wipes and making a total mockery out of his actions, the league and his head coach Todd Bowles, who has literally allowed the inmates to run the jail in his locker room, one that includes many an arrest sheet.

No discipline was handed down by the no-balls Bowles, who did not levy any additional fine nor benching of his player. As a matter of fact, Bowles came to Crowell’s defense in a way by saying he was unaware of the celebration until he “got to it on film,” and that was the reason why he didn’t bench him at the time. Bowles is a brutal coach who is in way over his head, but the referee throwing the flag and announcing the penalty occurred right then and there.


Even when he had a week to show some leadership, Bowles dropped the ball. He explained away Crowell’s lack of playing time in the loss to Jacksonville by saying it was due to the “game flow.” So how did the mercurial running back reward his boss? By putting him on the spot yet again and Bowles didn’t disappoint, giving his usual testicle-lacking answer to a pointed question if Crowell was making light of the situation with the new ass wipe endorsement deal.


“That’s something you’ll have to ask him,” Bowles replied.

As if that wasn’t puzzling enough, Bowles also said that he “can’t address everybody’s endorsement deal off the field.”

Yes, you can and should… especially in this situation. But that would be totally against Bowles’s character.

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  1. Kevin

    October 4, 2018 at 11:11 am

    These NFL coaches are phony tough guys, they yell and scream in practice over a game like a drill sgt. (I understand coaches have to yell like a drill sgt over a game it’s not war.) But when shit like this comes up they hide like the pussies they are. Fuck you NFL coaches!

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