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Gregg Valentino – Bodybuilders Eating Junk Food, Orals vs. Pins

On this episode of “Titan Medical Center Presents Gregg Valentino Talkin’ Smack,” GV addresses a topic that is debated often… and blows the theory up.

Bodybuilders have been known to eat tons of junk food (such as Rich Piana with Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and cereal-laden shakes, as well as Jay Cutler enjoying Candy Corn). But what people fail to realize is that these guys were taking insulin at the same time, which makes a huge difference. IIFYM is total bullshit and Valentino tells you why.

Other segments include orals vs. injectables and guys afraid to tell their wives/girlfriends that they’re using gear.

Season 1, Episode 8.

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