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Eric Reid Keeps Spreading Fake News

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Some folks are never satisfied causing more trouble. Case in point, Carolina Panthers safety Eric Reid, who is lucky to even have a job right now because of his outspokenness and taking the baton from former San Francisco 49ers teammate Colin Kaepernick as the point man for the NFL kneeling protest.

Reid continues to state that the NFL intended on robbing Peter to pay Paul, if you will, by taking money allocated to other initiatives such as breast cancer awareness and Salute to Service to fund the one was created to appease the kneeling protesters. This was not the case then and still isn’t, but Reid has continued to spread incorrect information to this day.

“Reports that we are cutting our Salute to Service campaign or taking money from Crucial Catch (our cancer platform) or Salute to Service to put toward social justice are totally false,” Anna Issacson, NFL senior vice president of social responsibility, stated to us in an email dated January 27, 2018, in response to our inquiry.  “Our social justice effort is new and additive.”


Apparently, Reid is still under the wrong impression, speaking about the funding on October 28, 2018 in the Panthers locker room about it. “First they said that they were going to cut funding to breast cancer awareness and Salute To Service,” he said to reporters gathered at his locker. Reid did further state that the plan was then offered to be changed to one with a matching agenda, where the owners would match what the players donated dollar-for-dollar.



The NFL has taken a public relations hit with the kneeling protest during the National Anthem and made an attempt to rectify the situation by agreeing to pledge $89 million towards a new initiative to address the “social concerns” of the players – in layman’s terms, the black community’s complaints against law enforcement and cries for criminal justice reform – in meetings with The Players Coalition group led by Malcolm Jenkins and Anquan Boldin. Reid was originally a part of the coalition, as well as Kaepernick on the fringe. But both bolted once they felt that Jenkins was not acting in the players’ “best interest as a whole.”

Once playing out his contract in San Francisco at the end of the 2017 season, Reid remained a free agent until being signed by the Panthers on September 27, 2018 to replace the injured Da’Norris Searcy. Kaepernick opted out of his 49ers contract after the 2016 campaign and has not been signed, leading to both he and Reid filing collusion lawsuits against the league and owners.

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