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Shawn Ray on IFBB / NPC Critics, Heath & Rhoden Retirement, Dallas McCarver Death – MSTV

Shawn Ray is our guest this week and admirably answered some pretty difficult questions, anything but ‘softballs,’ mind you. A sampling of them are:

*Who provides the checks and balances for the NPC/IFBB?

*Why is bodybuilding unlike any other sport where a media outlet has to only cover the IFBB/NPC to be granted press credentials for their events?

*Why is criticism of the NPC/IFBB ‘taboo’ if you are a media outlet covering them?

Ray also expresses his opinion on the future of both Phil Heath and Shawn Rhoden and why both of them should contemplate retirement, how he was able to foresee disaster for Dallas McCarver and what he is doing now that he is running his own media outlet.

During Olympia Weekend, mSm columnist Lee Priest is interviewed by Steve “Shooey” Shoesmith & Joe Pietaro at the expo. We also bring you another of our mSm Family Infamous Intox clips from The Alligator Bar in Las Vegas.

Thanks again to Old Skool Iron for being the title sponsor of our Olympia Weekend material. Season 2, Episode 37




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