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Gregg Valentino – White Powerlifters, Caravan Rant, Hellfire Club, Bodybuilders Dying

On this episode of “Titan Medical Center Presents Gregg Valentino Talkin’ Smack,” GV revisits some of last week’s episode about black genetics, but this time gets into the part of the conversation about white powerlifters.

A wacky story about a bar-back nicknamed Tinkerbell from the infamous Hellfire Club in NYC is also on tap and it also includes the great, late Vince Commerford.

The caravan traveling north to the Mexico-USA border is a contentious topic with Gregg and he gives us his passionate view on the subject.

Gregg also answers a bunch of your questions, with one of them being what bodybuilders are dropping dead at such a young age of late.

Season 1, Episode 13.


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