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Condoleeza Rice Not the ‘Complete Package’ For Browns

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Prepare for that call from the New York Jets, John Kerry. In a society where everything seems to be turned upside-down already, the Cleveland Browns have shocked both the sports and political news worlds by putting Condoleeza Rice on their short list for a new head coach, according to a report by ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

Yes, that Condoleeza Rice.

The former secretary of state under George W. Bush has been widely lauded – and rightfully so, mind you – for her accomplishments in the political circles. Even more so because she is a female black conservative – something as rare as a Browns win – succeeding as a cabinet member for a Republican president.

Let’s cut out the bullshit and get right to the point – the National Football League would love this to become a reality on two fronts. First, it would satisfy the Rooney Rule and then some; not only is a black person interviewed for a head coaching job, but ended up getting hired. And secondly, Rice would become the first female head coach in league history. Seems like a slam dunk win-win, right?

Not so fast. Rice’s political affiliations supersede her skin color and gender (but we’re not supposed to assume gender nowadays, anyway) when viewed from the left – which is the opinion the NFL’s actions seem to be aiming to please. And as far as everyone knows, Rice is heterosexual. She has never been married and has no children, but has been opposed to same-sex marriage. So it appears that she is not gay nor transgender. So that’s another strike against her.


But her being a former Democrat turned Republican (way back in 1982) and working for the once-evil Bush may be a deal-breaker for the pro-Colin Kaepernick crowd. The one saving grace is that the liberals have recently accepted/adopted Bush since the former GOP two-term president has been outspoken against the liberals’ main target – Donald Trump.

Ah, yes. Trump… that racist, misogynist Nazi. The loud mouth rich guy who has been so critical of the NFL and the National Anthem kneeling protest, actuating having the balls to speak up for the military and law enforcement, the latter being the real target of the protest. Taking the side of police officers nationwide who are being accused of racism whenever interacting with a black person… regardless if that person is armed. How dare Trump?

Of course, we are being facetious, but are doing so to make a point.

Rice has many plusses from a social standpoint (we haven’t even started listing the sports experience, or lack thereof, she has, which should be the most important aspect of a head coach search), but because she is not an anti-Trumper, everything else is all for naught. She is also a supporter of the second amendment, believes that same sex couples should not allowed to be married in a traditional sense, is against taking down Confederate monuments and renaming of buildings and played a role in the USA using enhanced interrogation techniques in the post-September 11 fight against terrorism.

The cupboard is pretty bare when you look at Rice’s resume for anything sports-related. She was seated as one of the 13 members of the College Football Playoff committee when it began in 2013 but left after the expiration of a three-year term. This year, she was the chairwoman of a commission that recommended changes to NCAA basketball, which ended the often-criticized ‘one-and-done’ rule.

Besides that? She’s a lifelong Browns fan.


It borders on the absurd that this is even something that has taken over the sports and political scenes and we could have followed suit by just dropping hints about how bad an organization the Browns have been (the original franchise and expansion team, alike) and that they are looking for a headline. While that may be true, we chose to dissect it the way no other media outlet would dream of doing. And our ‘diagnosis’ is that a hiring an inexperienced black woman  – something that would be ticker tape parade-worthy – would be overshadowed by the fact that she is on the same side as Trump.

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