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10 Great Exercises for Family Fitness

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We all want to be fit and healthy and all, but usually, we lack some simple motivation to pursue that goal. We promise ourselves to start doing at least a few exercises a day, but then we find, like, tons of excuses not to do that: “I don’t have time for this,” “That’s too difficult,” “Maybe tomorrow,” and so on.

Let’s try a different approach. It’s time to get your loved ones involved. This complex of exercises fits for a whole family, it won’t take up much of your time, and it doesn’t require a lot of effort. It’s really simple, effective, and, more importantly, it’ll make your spouse look better than those girls from European dating websites.

1) Pillar

Start with something simple to warm up. Put your legs wide apart and relax the shoulder girdle. Your body is now a pillar, and the hands are the ropes attached to it. When the pillar turns, the ropes get wrapped around it. Rotate the body around its axis with your hands relaxed. Gradually increase the speed and intensity. This improves blood circulation, preparing you for harder ones.

2) Roller

This one strengthens the spine, improves blood circulation, and relieves tension and fatigue. Sit on the floor, pull the legs to yourself, and clasp them with your hands, so that your spine becomes C-shaped. Slump back and start again. Repeat the steps five times.

3) Heron pose

Stand on your left leg and lift the right one as high as possible, so that your thigh is as far from the floor as possible. Pull the toes to yourself. Extend the left hand forward, but don’t fully unbend it. Lower the right hand. Try to close your eyes while maintaining balance. Slowly raise up onto your toes 3-5 times. Repeat the steps with another leg. This pose develops your coordination.

4) Stretching

Lying on the back, interlock the fingers, press the toes down, and pull the hands up, stretching yourself in different directions.

5) Hammer

Lying on the back (again), clasp the shoulders crosswise. Then lift the upper torso and gently touch the floor with your spine. This helps relax the back, especially in the upper part.

6) Sphinx and Cobra

Alright, down on your stomach and start lifting the upper torso, leaning on your forearms that must be parallel to each other. Lower the shoulders, look forward, and stretch the toes. This pose is called the Sphinx. Now raise on your hands. Don’t extend your elbows completely and try to avoid excessive tension in the lower back. This is the Cobra pose. Then get back to the first pose. This warms up the muscular system of the back – perfect after a hard spent in a chair at the office.

7) Candle pose

This pose is also known as Sarvangasana. Lie on the floor and stretch the legs up. Support yourself in the lumbar area. Pull the toes up and make sure that your neck isn’t overstrained. If it is, lower your arms a little and take a more comfortable position. Despite its simplicity, this pose greatly improves the blood supply to the brain, boosting your memory and thinking.

8) Twisting

Sit on the floor, put one leg forward, and press the other to the thigh. Turn the torso in the opposite direction. Place one hand on the knee and the other on the floor. Turn the head in the direction opposite to the one you twist into. Now turn the other way. Twisting makes the spine stronger and helps get rid of excess belly fat, so if you want six-pack abs, that’s exactly what you need.

9) Fetal pose

Standing on your knees, lean forward, so that your back is C-shaped. Clench your knees with the hands or extend them forward with your palms out. This pose makes your knee joints move, improving their mobility, which is crucial for those, who have sedentary jobs.

10) Tilts

Put your legs shoulder-width apart and stretch your arms to the sides. Without changing their position, tilt to the left and stay still for a few seconds. Start again and tilt in the other direction. Now lean down and touch the ankle of the opposite leg with your hand. The second hand should be extended upwards.

The best thing about these exercises is that you can do them whenever you want. And your loved ones won’t let you hide behind excuses.

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