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3 Testosterone Boosting Workouts You Should Be Doing

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The way you work out will depend upon what it is you want to achieve. Some people like to build muscle tone, and others are aiming to lose weight. However, one essential element of exercising is that of boosting testosterone. Testosterone is a hormone that that is known to increase muscle mass, and it is also helpful in many other ways.

For example, men – and women – with low levels of testosterone have been shown to be more likely to suffer from depression, may also be more prone to obesity, and can have problems with bone density. This is why many exercise regimes recommend testosterone boosting. You can, of course, turn your attention to supplements, pills and other substances. However, this is not always ideal, so we are going to tell you about three ways to boost testosterone that require no additives.

Let’s get going then!

Increase your Lifts – one area of your workout routine you should look at is lifting – and by this, we mean you should aim to life heavier stuff than you currently lift! Scientific studies have proven that lifting heavy weights is the way to boost testosterone, rather than more vigorous lifting of lighter weights. Deadlifts, bench presses, squats and more should all be done with weights to lift.

Aim to lift weights of at least 85% of your 1RM (repetition maximum) so that you don’t go over the top, and look at two or three sessions a week. Even if you are beginner to working out, you can still get on board by simulating these lifts with a weight training machine – ask your trainer for advice on how to go about things in the best and safest way.

Work on the Legs – it is often the case that men choose to concentrate on building their upper-body strength, with the focus on biceps for example, and this is all very well, but what about the lower body, what about the legs? Indeed, research has shown that working out with the legs – performing a routine involving, perhaps, deadlifts, bench presses and, especially useful, sprints – brings about great benefits in terms of testosterone.

You will notice a boost in energy, in sex drive, increased muscle mass and fat loss, and all of this is due to working out with the legs as well as the arms. Have a look at for some great information on testosterone boosting methods, and more benefits it can bring.

Don’t Overdo Cardio in an interesting example of research it has been proven that, for some reason, long exercise routines such as running on a treadmill, distance cycling and long-distance running such as marathons actually lowers the level of testosterone in the body. The upshot of this is that if you do want to run a marathon, and train for it accordingly, or cycle long distances you should be aware that it will not increase the testosterone – quite the opposite.

These are all exercises that are proven for cardio routines, so you should be careful to temper such with the other testosterone-boosting routines we have mentioned. Perhaps, if you are in training for a long-distance run or ride, you can go back to sprints and weights afterwards, but be aware that it will meaning starting again. It is best to consult your trainer for advice on which way to go, as any help you can get in forging a direction is important.

Remember to Rest

That’s three very important suggestions that will help you boost the testosterone levels in the body – and bring about the many benefits that come with it – so plan your routine to suit, and remember: don’t forget to take adequate rest between your cycles, don’t overdo it, and always consult an expert before you try something new. It pays to be safe, and if you are safe, then you will be as healthy as you can be.

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