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Prince Andrew Delray Misfits / Lingerie Fighting Championships – MSTV

Prince Andrew of the Delray Misfits is interviewed during Olympia Weekend.

Other segments include:

*Lingerie Fighting Championships – Inside the dressing room

*”mSm Goes Global” – Steve ‘Shooey’ Shoesmith interviews strongman Laurence Shahlaei at the Bodypower UK

*”A Shitload of Sports” – Keefus and Joe discuss a future trip to Brooklyn for a pilgrimage to all the locations of the former ballparks of the Dodgers and their precursors.

Our Olympia Weekend coverage brought to you by

Season 2, Episode 41


Special thanks to Darren Manahan and the entire Old Skool Iron crew. FRANCHISE OPPORTUNITIES are available and there are four current locations: two in California and one each in Idaho and Texas. 

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