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Protein-Rich Foods: Benefits and Potential Harm

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Every person who wants to look good and feel great should closely monitor his diet and understand why there are certain dishes in his menu. To do this, you need to know what they are made of and what are products bought in the store, what is their composition.

Probably everyone knows that all food (its composition) can be divided into three main components: fats, carbohydrates and proteins. Any nutritionist  will confirm that each of these components is necessary for a full and healthy diet. It is impossible to eat right, completely excluding from the menu, for example, fats, but anoverabundance, for example, of proteins or carbohydrates is also dangerous.

It is important to find a balance and choose a diet that will bring only benefits to health. Today we will talk about how to choose foods rich in protein to saturate the body with quality building materials.

Why is protein so important?

The protein that enters the body with food is split by digestive enzymes into amino acids, which are necessary for:

  • building muscle tissue;
  • the course of restorative processes in cells;
  • maintaining the skin, hair and nails in a healthy condition and in a beautiful form.

Children especially need food with high protein content,because their body is in the process of growth, as well as professional athletes or those people who visit the gym in order to tidy their body and increase muscle mass.

The daily intake of protein is about 2 g per kilogram of body weight, that is, no one will be able to calculate this amount personally for himself. For example, a person weighing 60 kg should consume 120 g of protein every day. Nutritionists say that on average, foods with protein should be about 40% of the total amount of food.

Pros of protein nutrition

The popularity of the diet, which is based on products with high protein content, is due to its real effectiveness. The fact is that the protein, even if it enters the body in too large a quantity, is not converted to fat, but processed and excreted naturally.

That’s why those wishing to lose weight a little and keep the body in a tone often choose protein-rich foods as the main component of their diet, minimizing the consumption of carbohydrates and fats.

The positive aspects of such nutrition are as follows, if you do not abuse the restrictions.

  • Indeed, the extra pounds gradually go away, because the body is forced to draw strength by burning fat stores.
  • The described food and protein-rich meals are very nutritious, so the feeling of hunger does not haunt.
  • By eating meals, saturated with protein, you can avoid such unpleasant phenomena as hair loss and fragility, delamination of nails.
  • Muscular tissue does not suffer, and it is because of the work of muscles that burn excess fat in the body.

As you can see from the above, there are quite a few reasons to include foods with the highest protein content in the menu, but does this mean that you can build your entire daily diet on them? Definitely – no!

The danger of excessive protein intake

  • The body digests and uses for its intended purpose only the amount of protein that it really needs. By the way, the highest figure is 30 g for one meal. That’s why it is recommended to eat frequently and in small portions. Excess protein is digested, and calcium is necessarily involved in this process. When the body is not enough of this substance in the incoming food, it must be removed from the bone tissue, which can lead to diseases of the musculoskeletal system.
  • High protein content in consumed food increases the burden on the kidneys, which is harmful even for a healthy body.If a person has any problems in the work of this organ, then the amount of protein in his diet should be strictly limited to the mandatory daily rate.
  • Speaking about what foods are rich in proteins, people are used to mention food of animal origin, forgetting that it is saturated with cholesterol, antibiotics and other harmful additives that are dangerous to health.Why not to pay attention to the rich diversity of plant products, which also contain this important and necessary element?

It is clear that the abuse of protein foods will not bring anything good, because even the best foods, eaten in unlimited quantities, turn into food garbage and harm the body.

On what food to choose?

Using the table, you can easily count the amount of protein entering the body with a product, and make up a suitable menu for several days in advance.

product amount of protein in 100 g
peanut 26 g
sunflower seeds 20 g
hazelnut 16 g
almond 18.5 g
walnut 14 g
cashew nuts 18 g
soybean 35 g
kidney beans 22 g
peas 23 g
buckwheat 12.5 g
millet 12 g
rice 7 g
oatmeal 12 g


Of course, the table does not represent the entire list of products, in which the protein is present; there is only a small part. Nevertheless, it becomes clear that porridge is not only carbohydrates, as it is commonly believed, but also proteins! And nuts and seeds can become a fast and very useful protein snack, when there is no time for a thorough meal.

Separately, it is worth mentioning peanut butter. Being a 100% vegetable product with a rather impressive protein content, it should be used with caution because of the high fat content of the product. A small sandwich of whole wheat bread and a thin layer of peanut butter is best eaten for breakfast or just in the morning, like a treat, but it’s not worth to become addicted to it.

Vegetables and legumes

Perhaps for many people it will be a discovery, but vegetables and legumes also contain the ingredient that is essential for a healthy diet! In addition, the gifts of nature have a very rich vitamin composition, which is extremely important.

They are rich in fiber, which is indispensable for the normal functioning of the digestive system.

To vegetable food with the most significant amount of protein, you can safely include soy and all products produced on its basis.

  • Soy tofu is not only delicious, but also incredibly nutritious; it is used both as a separate dish, and in salads with fresh vegetables and herbs.
  • Soy meat.If the product is of good quality, then it is really delicious! Supporters of a healthy lifestyle are happy to prepare this healthy food by combining soy meat with boiled or stewed vegetables, with porridges and other side dishes.
  • Soy milk has a very delicate and pleasant taste, it can complement other dishes or the basis for some of them.
  • Beans of all sorts, chickpeas, lentils, green peas are all products, the protein content of which allows them to be included in the ration of the athlete and every person who leads an active lifestyle.
  • Delicate asparagus, spinach, Brussels sprouts – recently, these protein-rich vegetables seemed exotic.Now there is no need to go to distant countries to try the dishes prepared from these products, you can buy everything in the nearest supermarket and build an exquisite vitamin supper in your own kitchen.

Of course, vegetables vary in calorie content and composition. For example, Brussels (widely popular in Netherlands) sprouts contain a negligible amount of calories and carbohydrates, and potatoes are quite caloric and are considered a good source of energy, since they contain useful “slow” carbohydrates.


The most nutritious fruit in the world is the avocado, also called midshipman’s oil, the cow of the poor and the crocodile pear. This delicious fruit is mentioned in a variety of recipes for useful and healthy dishes.

In addition to avocados, proteins are found in the following fruits: oranges, apples, mangoes, pineapples, pears, kiwi, peaches, nectarines, apricots, plums, etc. It’s not for nothing that dieticians say about the need for a menu of fresh vegetables and fruits! In this natural food, there is such an abundance of useful substances, vitamins and trace elements that none of the synthetic multivitamin complexes can replace them.


A wonderful source of protein and insanely delicious food! Champignons, oyster mushrooms or forest mushrooms served on the table in the form of hot soup or goulash, always please both the eye and the stomach, give strength and supply the body with protein. Of course, forest mushrooms are a real treat, but to enjoy it without a risk to health, you need to have the knowledge and experience on this part. Poisoning with inedible mushrooms can have very serious and terrible consequences. It is also important to collect them only in a clean forest, where the soil is not poisoned by any chemicals. Mushrooms, like sponges, absorb the juices of the earth.

Summing up

There are a great many products with high protein content, each of them is worthy of attention. We want only to note how it is important not only to choose useful food, but also to prepare it properly.

Ideally, whenever possible, it is better to avoid heat treatment of those products that are good in raw form. The word “fry” is generally worth forgetting.

Salt and sugar – this is not the best addition to the dishes! Having abandoned them, after a while you can marvel at the brightness and variety of tastes of healthy food. Dried sea kale will be a good substitute for salt, and instead of sugar, use a little honey or eat sometimes dried fruits.

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