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Eagles Bail Out 9 Prisoners – NFL Social Justice Fund

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Many questions surround the recent bailing out of nine prisoners using monies from the Philadelphia Eagles Social Justice Fund and doing our due diligence, we have reached out to a plethora of people involved in it asking them for answers and additional comments.

Here are the top four, in our opinion, that is, and we will publish any updates if and when we receive replies:

*What crime(s) are the nine accused of?

*Do any of them have prior arrests and/or convictions of crimes?

*What are the races of all nine?

*Will there be any civil liability if one or more of these prisoners commits another crime whilst out on bail that they would not have been able to post otherwise?

The people we have contacted include:

*Anna Isaacson – NFL Senior Vice President of Social Responsibility

*Rebecca Otto – Wasserman PR Group VP of Public Relations & Communications

*Brett Strohsacker  – Philadelphia Eagles Director of Public Relations

*Zachary Groen – Philadelphia Eagles Public Relations Manager

*Anthony Bonagura – Philadelphia Eagles Public Relations Coordinator

*John Gonoude – Philadelphia Eagles Public Relations Coordinator

*Allison Waddington – Philadelphia Eagles Public Relations Specialist

*Julie Hirshey – Philadelphia Eagles Director of Community Relations

*Tori Kimberly – Philadelphia Eagles Community Relations Coordinator

*Daniel Levy – Philadelphia Eagles Community Relations Coordinator

*Carly Pennacchia – Philadelphia Eagles Community Relations Coordinator

*Larry Krasner – Philadelphia District Attorney 

*Keir Bradford-Grey -Chief of the Defender Association of Philadelphia

*Philadelphia Community Bail Fund

*Police Athletic League of Philadelphia

*Philadelphia Opportunities Industrialization Center

*United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey


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