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Bodybuilding: Strengthen Those Hard-to-Train Areas Thru These 8 Effective Machines

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In the journey of bodybuilding you might sometimes face certain challenges in building muscles. It is a very common thing for people to have that difficulty in training and usually this happens due to genetics. Certain muscles seem to not build up no matter how long you train or exercise them.


Some common muscles that people seem to have trouble with are the pectorals, abdominal muscles, calves, and latissimus dorsi muscles, so we made a list of 8 effective machines so you have the opportunity to gain the body you are striving for.

Cable Crossover machine

A Cable crossover machine is a great addition to add to your workout routine. Well-built cable crossover machines are ones that allow you various uses out of them. They provide you with a range of pulling motions to make sure that you can strengthen many muscles and joints through cable pulling. These machines are great for strengthening muscles around the shoulder and upper back. It is a great way to build and develop different muscles and joints and you could also perform different common workouts by having attachments added on to the machine. It is versatile and common in both home as well as commercial gyms.

Vertical Chest Press

A vertical chest press like a horizontal one is designed to target the primary chest muscles. The main focus of the vertical chest press is the pectoral muscles. A major advantage that a vertical chest press has over the other chest targeted machines is the elimination of any risk you might face of getting a torn pectoral muscle. This machine also uses your biceps as stabilizers and works on your triceps as well as the clavicular head of your pecs and the anterior deltoids in front of each shoulder. You could also change the setup of the press so it could target your inner or outer pecs or work one arm at a time.

Pec Fly Machine

This is another machine that focuses on the pectorals. This machine is an alternative to machines which you have to load weights or dumbbells on to practice. The machine consists of a padded seat and backrest with two levers protruding. To use the machine correctly all you have to do is sit down, hold the handles on the levers with your elbows resting on the padding and draw your elbows together as if you are flapping your wings. This machine also targets some muscles in your back when used.

Lat Pulldown

The Lat pulldown is a great vertical machine. It focuses on exercising your back muscles, specifically the latissimus dorsi muscles. It uses a pulley mechanism which has various levels of strength. To use the Lat pulldown machine correctly, make sure that you are sitting in the correct form. Misusing such a machine could cause in serious back injury. If done correctly, exercising using this machine can also help with chest and shoulder flexibility. Make sure that when you set up the bench for the machine your feet are flat on the ground and your knees are resting comfortably under the pad.

Ab Crunch Machine

An ab crunch machine is a great way to get those abs you’ve always wanted. This machine ensures that you are doing crunches the correct way as well as concentrates the exercise you are doing towards the abdominal muscles. This machine makes sure that every single ab crunch done is correct in form and therefore maximizes the effect on the muscles. It makes sure that the results last longer and are quicker to appear than when doing crunches without the machine. It is a very easy machine to use and is sure to get the desired results you want.

Back Extension Machine

It is easy to forget to exercise your lower back muscles when going to the gym, however, it is very important to train the muscles located in your there. In fact, it is quite risky to not train this muscle because when performing different workouts, a lot of stress is directed at your lower back and if you do not have the strength needed there then you are risking a back injury. Training using the back extension machine gives your lower back muscles the needed strength. This machine might not provide you with a way to build up muscle mass like working other muscles in your back would, but it does help with your core strength and overall health.

Seated Calf Raise Press

The seated calf raise press allows you to build your calf strength, shape them and prevents you from getting shin splits. Calves are a very hard muscle to build up and shape, however, this machine makes exercising the soleus muscles which flex during this exercise the main focus. This also has an effect on the gastrocnemius muscles located in your calves. This machine ensures you maintaining the correct form when performing the exercise unlike when you are

doing it without the machine.

Preacher Curl machine

This machine allows you to isolate the exercise to only your biceps which is hard to do with exercises such as dumbbell curls. It also allows the person using it to implement rest pauses and drop sets that will intensely build up the biceps to get the desired look as well as gives you an easily used variety of techniques to exercise your biceps and hone on specific areas there. On some of these machines you can even develop a hidden muscle under the biceps that will give the illusion of a more peaked bicep too.

Get the results you want

Overall, these machines are a great way to help you build the body you dream of more effects. They also help you develop the tricky muscles that are hard to build using no machines or with dumbbells alone. Just make sure to use the correct form to avoid sustaining any injury and you will get the results you are looking for. Remember that overtraining a certain muscle is very dangerous. Do not forget to alternate your workouts throughout the week to cover various areas in your body for a better outcome.

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