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Physical Fitness Ideas for Beginners

Making the decision to follow a fitness journey is one that’s more difficult for some than others. How consistent you are is typically dependent on what’s motivating you to stay fit.If it’s a desire to build your body and achieve a desired physical look and you have the right people to push you, it’s possible that you’ll be consistent in your efforts. You may even consider taking a look at supplements like those available on to give yourself an extra edge and further aid your physical transformation.  Nonetheless, every newbie should learn as much about what their body needs and what works for them before committing to a specific journey.

In this article, you’re going to find physical fitness ideas that you can try adopting if you happen to be a beginner.

Set Specific Goals

Before you embark on your fitness journey, setclear goals. These goals should identify what you want to achieve and how you’re going to do it. Also, setting goals gives you an idea of where you’re going and how you’re going to get there. In case you need help setting your goals, here are a few pointers for setting a SMART fitness goal below.

  1. Specific: Being specific is so important when setting goals. If not, you may find that ambiguity stops you from achieving anything. Instead of saying you want to be fit, say what aspect of fitness you want to focus on whether stronger muscles, to be able to lift more weights, or to have a six-pack.
  2. Measurable: Once you’ve been specific about what you want to achieve, ensure that it’s measurable. This could mean getting your cardiovascular health to the point thatyou can run two miles instead of one or losing 15 pounds in the next six months.
  3. Attainable: In as much as you may want to become the world’s next bodybuilderand that’s something you could achieve, it may not be attainable in the short-term. Start with small goals so that you’re encouraged by smaller victories to keep going. When you set goals that are in closer reach, achieving them should build your confidence and get you ready for bigger ones.
  4. Relevant: If you want to stick to your fitness goals, you need goals that are going to push you for the ‘why’ of it all. Think about what you’re trying to achieve with your fitness goals, whether it be to improve a health challenge, prepare for a competition, or look better as you age.
  5. Timely: When you don’t set a time limit on your goals, there’s usually no sense of urgency. This leaves room for procrastination and not achieving your goals at all which you don’t want. Create a timeline to keep yourself on track and ensure you try and stick with it.

Find a Sport You Like

Once you’ve done the backend work of setting goals, finding a sport you like may be the next best thing you can do for yourself. Consistency with fitness goals isn’t necessarily easy, so you need something to look forward to that will help you on more difficult days.

Explore the over 800 sports out there are and see which you can play on a regular basis. It could help if you find friends or community members that are playing the sport, so you can join in and get motivation from them. Here are a few sports you can consider.

  • Swimming– if you don’t already know, swimming is a great sport if you’re looking for something that will work out your entire body. This is because it’s said to build your muscle strength, endurance and help with cardiovascular fitness.
  • Golf– Another sport to think about is the game of golf. It may not be as intense as the many other sports out there, but that doesn’t make it ineffective. Seeing as you’re using your arms and walking around a golf course, it’s a form of exercise and can help with both weight loss and physical fitness. If you decide to take up golf, you should get the best golf irons to help with performance and find people you can play with too.
  • Squash-An addition to this list of sports to consider for fitness is squash. Seeing as you’re doing a level of running, jumping, leaping and diving for the ball, it can improve your cardiovascular health and overall fitness.
  • Cycling– If you want something that you can do every day, you should think about cycling. The good thing about it is that you can get a bike and cycle anywhere that’s physically possible. Doing so could help increase muscle strength, flexibility and decrease body fat levels as well.

Take Your Time

The road to fitness is not a race, so slow down and take your time. It can be easy to want to achieve your fitness goals in one day but giving your body time to gradually build its capabilities is important. Take it a day at a time and remember to be consistent so that you don’t put too much stress on your body and increase your chances of an injury. Remember to follow the goals you set and the timelines you created and with time, you should see the results that you hope for.

Eat the Right Foods

When trying to achieve fitness goals, there are some foods that are better to eat than others. They can help with different aspects of your fitness journey. For example, a fruit to consider trying is whole grain cereal with skim milk and whole wheat toast before exercising. This is necessary as healthy carbs at least an hour prior to you working out is important as your body easily digests carbs and turns into the energy that you need for exercise.

In addition to wholegrain cereal, you can also have a banana or apple as it’s packed with the right nutrients. During mealtimes, grilled chicken is something you should have as it has enough protein which your body needs after a workout to help you repair your muscles. Black bean burgers, a bowl of berries, and veggies and hummus are great ideas too.

Keeping fit isn’t always easy, but the holistic benefits should outweigh the setbacks. Ultimately, take it a day at a time and when you fall, get back up again.

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