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Jumping on Your Personal Trampoline is Ridiculously Good for Your Heath

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The things you loved doing as a kid such as running around may have benefits to your health even as an adult. Jumping on a trampoline is one of those things. A study has shown that jumping on a trampoline for just at least 20 minutes a day has the same benefits as running, although it feels much better and is a lot much more fun. If you want to get moving with a simple workout routine and don’t have the time to join a gym, consider buying your own personal trampoline and enjoy the benefits that come along. It takes up very minimal space and can be easily folded away after use.

Rebounding is an easy activity that anyone can do and can provide you with various ways to improve your general health. It is the most efficient and effective form of exercise and it saves you time, space and money.

Things to Look out for when Buying your Personal Trampoline

This piece of exercise equipment should be made using the highest grade material in order to avoid injuries. There are many aspects that combine a good trampoline and you should look for such components such as the jump mat, springs, frame, and legs.

The jump mat is one of the main and most important parts of a rebounder. It should be of the highest quality to ensure safety and longevity. As you buy your personal trampoline, ensure the mat is of durable material since you will be jumping on it very often and this could easily tear if the material is of low quality.

There are two main types of springs; soft bounce springs and hard bounce springs. The soft springs are strong and resilient to withstand tension and high resistance. The hard bounce springs provide a firm bouncing surface to cater for individuals weighing over 300 pounds.

The Health Benefits of the Trampoline

  • Cardiovascular benefit: there are several muscle groups that are put into motion during rebounding. It is similar to jogging in which the skeletal system receives much lower levels of shock trauma. Extended use of the trampoline has been seen to increase lung capacities and boost the production of red blood cells. It also lowers blood pressure.
  • Beneficial to the lymphatic system: regular use of the min trampoline has proven benefits to the lymphatic Other forms of exerciseno matter how vigorous they may be do not have this same effect. The lymphatic system is responsible for fighting bacteria in the body and other viral infections. It also transports waste products outside the body. The fluid used in all these activities heavily relies on muscle contractions. Rebounding exercises are one of the best ways to help the body perform these duties. It encourages toning up of the body’s muscles, lymph valves, andducts. Just a few minutes a day of jumping up and down can increase lymphatic functions.
  • Weight loss: the best way to burn calories and fats, as well as tone muscles, is through rebounding exercises. It is a total body workout where each part of your body receives proper exercise and thus promoting the burning of fat deposits. It also helps in increased metabolism so that your calories still continue to burn up long after you have finished rebounding. The good thing about this is that you don’thave to go to the gym or set aside extensive time to work out. You can do it right at the comfort of your home. It is convenient since it can be done while watching the television or hanging out with the children.
  • Back problems: the moving up and down strengthens the back and relieves undue strain that you would otherwise experience while running ona hard surface.
  • Balance: this type of exercise improves the overall balance and coordination of the body because the muscles flexin all directions. This result in optimal stimulation to the body’s balancing mechanisms.
  • Injury reduction: recent studies have shown that a huge percentage of people who do jogging as a form of workout get injured in the first year of running. This impact can be reduced by 80% if people did simple workoutroutines such as rebounds.
  • Natural facelift: each of your body cellsexpands just like a balloon. This type of exercise puts these cells under stress because they are pressured to resist the increased G-force. In time, the cell’s membranethickens, gets firmer and increases its elasticity. The skin is made up of various cells and therefore regular use of these trampolines firms the skin giving you a rejuvenated look.
  • Build bone mass: according to a study by NASA the best type of exercisethat buildsbone mass for astronauts who were losing up to 15% of bone mass in only 2 weeks was through jumping on trampolines. The workout program is also recommended for women who are suffering from osteoporosis and can even be used to reverse the damage of this painful condition.
  • Incontinence: rebounding reinforces the pelvic floor and can be sued to help people who are struggling with fertility issues.
  • It is fun: besides the health benefits that have been discussed above, it is actually very fun to engage in rebounding. You can do it with your family and friends, while watching the TV or just hanging out with close relatives. Even seniors have found themselves addicted to the activity because it does not require a lot of equipment or lots of space. Having fun is also part of the therapy. Being in a happy state contributes to the general well being of a person and therefore jumping in the trampoline is a fun activity that anyone can participate, regardless of their age.

Get your trampoline today and have fun while taking care of your body. It is worth the effort and you will soon be recommending it to friends and family.

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