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Your Guide to Steroids: Myths and Facts

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Steroids have been known to be something of a controversy. Appealing to many while some argue that they should be banned, if not taken off the market. Often associated with the workout routines followed by people in gyms, steroid use has found its way into the hands of all individuals and the consequences require attention. Although the male sex hormone, testosterone is present in increased synthetic amounts, doctors would encourage people to read up on it before taking in these drugs to achieve some goal. The side effects can be pretty nasty and if not taken seriously, downright fatal and critical as well.

What Steroids Do:

Steroids are basically known for increasing muscle strength, endurance, stamina,andmanaging physique according to the given standards. Most people found using steroids are people in their 20’s. Although teens have been spotted using steroids and suffering dire consequences later on, the numbers are not as alarming as those of young adults.

Most people believe that anabolic-androgenic steroids are useful in treating diseases such as AIDs and Cancer. There is some truth to the perspective as many doctors have researched and found the drug to be useful in repairing tissue damage and muscular pain. However, the use of steroids set in precedent today is not of the nature to be encouraged. Testosterone and its uses have been taken too far with athletes and body-builders making it a habit to always work out with steroids and when the intake isn’t seeming enough after a while, switching to injecting the drug is the common practice exhibited by these individuals. Doctors and experts have advised strongly against this practice as it puts not just the condition of the body of the individual but the individual him-herself in danger.


People often think that the little dosage that they are taking will not be as harmful as it sounds like but that is wrong. That’s exactly how the process starts. First, it isthe cycling ofthe drugs. That involves taking many steroids at a time and then stopping when the pressure becomes real. Then comes the stacking of the drugs that means combining two or more types of drugs along with their intake process. Individuals at this stage often change their oral fixation to injections. Pyramiding is another state of drug abuse that involves reaching the peak of the addiction with the maximum amounts of steroids being taken at a time and then stopping abruptly to counter the condition. All of these habits and procedures are always known to have had a critical reaction.


People going through withdrawal symptoms often experience extreme paranoia and feelings of envy along with an agonized and aggressive state of mind that often results in poor judgment and delusional thinking, slowly leading the individual to a sort of mania that requires special attention. If the individual is lucky enough to not go through all this, other side effects include Acne, kidney or liver failure, enlarged heart,andhigh blood pressures, therefore, increasing the chances of a heart attack regardless of the age of the user.


Bodybuildingis not something that essentially requires drugs to be taken with them. But if you are sure of it and you want to try them out, try reading a lot of reviews like the mspy reviews, various fitness health mags and expert opinions that can tell you how to stay safe.

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