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Is HCG Diet Safe and Effective?

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The HCG diet is getting a lot of attention these days for its alleged weight loss benefits. There are dozens of weight loss diets out there, and most of them deliver results that are completely underwhelming. And so, many people have turned to the HCG diet, which uses a human chorionic gonadotrophin hormone (HCG) supplement in addition to calorie restriction to achieve weight loss.


But is the HCG Diet Safe and Effective?

HCG is prescribed as a fertility solution in women and also as a treatment for hormone issues in men. This hormone is safe and natural, as pregnant women make it naturally during pregnancy.


As relates to this diet, the hormone is supposed to reduce feelings of hunger and cause a redistribution of body fat from the thighs, hips and the stomach. The only issue is that there is little scientific backing to these claims, though its proponents argue that it can cause up to a pound in lost weight in a day.


The diet is not new, as it was introduced back in the 50s. It could not have survived all those years if it did not offer some weight loss benefits, right? Most probably, yes. Many diets have popped up and disappeared as fast as they appeared, and it was mostly because they did not deliver on their expected weight loss benefits.


In fact, according to this post from, the HCG diet was born of the discovery that the hormone could dislodge fat from the hips, stomach and thighs, and when calories are restricted, the body was forced to use this fat as a fuel source, resulting in weight loss.


The safety of this diet is underpinned by the fact that HCG is made naturally in the human body. Additionally, its ability to treat fertility issues, which has been approved, is clear indication that the hormone is generally safe to use.


The diet will have the expected effects on the body, and when used in addition to reduced calories, these effects are magnified. People on this diet have to limit their calorie intake considerably to get the expected weight loss benefits.


However, you should not go overboard in your calorie restriction when on this diet, as that can lead to side effects like malnutrition. Similarly, HCG should be taken in appropriate doses as too much of it might trigger mood changes or other effects.

What Can You Eat when Following a HCG Diet?

People on an HCG diet are allowed to eat foods like skinless chicken breasts. In general, you should eat some protein, vegetable, fruit, and bread. That means you can eat apples, celery, chicken, beef, toast, and even fish among other things. You are also free to drink as much water, coffee, and tea as they like.

What to Avoid during HCG Diet?

But for the diet to be effective, you should also avoid things like nuts, oils, potatoes, butter and generally any foods that contain high amounts of fat and sugar.


While on an HCG diet, there are some phases you should go through. In the first phase, you can eat as much as you want to build up your calorie and fat levels. You should also start taking HCG at this point. The phase lasts for about 2 days.


During the second phase, you continue taking the supplement and limit your calorie intake. This phase can last for up to 6 weeks, although it can also end in just 3 weeks.


In the third phase, people lay off the supplement and start to increase their calorie intake to reach normal levels.

Some Precautions to Using the HCG Diet

Whether the HCG diet works or not, it is not approved for weight loss purposes, although it has been approved as a treatment for fertility issues in women and as a means to deal with hormone problems in men. So, you might need a prescription to get this hormone in order to use it as a weight loss solution, and some doctors do actually prescribe it.


But when using the hormone, it is important to do it based on a doctor’s recommendation in order to get the dosage right. That’s because some people might have issues with HCG, sometimes due to the dosage.


Studies have generally shown that a diet involving the use of HCG and calorie restriction does result in weight loss.



The safety concerns surrounding the use of HCG diet are mostly a question of how you use the hormone and the recommended diet restriction.


If used properly, this diet should have no harmful side effects. After all, HCG is a natural hormone in the body, and its presence promotes many positive effects, including a boost in fertility in women and improved hormonal balance in men.


However, HCG should be taken in appropriate doses in order to get the weight loss benefits without the side effects.


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