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Anavar Pros & Cons

This article will talk about anavar’s pros and cons. Anavar is an illegal substance and we do not recommend any readers take it. For more information regarding legal (and FDA approved) anavar alternatives go to

Oxandrolone (or anavar) is a much talked about steroid, being used by many newbies and women worldwide. It’s illegal to buy or sell in many nations such as the U.S, Canada and UK. However, it remains legal and easy for average Joe’s to purchase in Mexico and Thailand.

There isn’t much information regarding steroids online, due to it being somewhat taboo. This lack of content can result in users taking potentially dangerous substances, without fully knowing the pros and cons. Thus this article is simply for educational purposes.

What Is Anavar?

Anavar was the name given to an oxandrolone product, which was released back in 1962. A company named G.D Searle and co. manufactured anavar for medical purposes, enabling patients to build lean muscle.

Research soon showed that not only did anavar increase lean body mass, but it also helped users lower their total body fat.

Word caught on and bodybuilders began taking anavar to help them get more ripped when cutting. They’d soon be shedding more body fat and retaining more muscle than ever before.

However, 27 years later in 1989, anavar became a banned substance for non-patients and thus bodybuilders were no longer able to get their beloved steroid prescribed to them by their local doctor. It appeared that the medical industry wasn’t aware of the severe side effects anavar poses when they first released it in 1962.

Anavar Pros

  • Increased muscle mass
  • Reduction in body fat
  • Reduction in water retention
  • Fuller muscles/Bigger pumps
  • Increase in strength

As previously mentioned, anavar is popular during cutting cycles, but it’s also an effective muscle-builder. Its muscle-building effects aren’t dramatic but a noticeable increase in size is normal when taking anavar – in combination with moderate amounts of calories.

Users may build less muscle when taking anavar on very few calories, as the body is less anabolic when in starvation mode.

Anavar is one of the most effective AAS for burning fat, but also for losing excess water retention; reducing bloat/puffiness, whilst increasing definition in the muscles. Due to a loss of fat and water, vascularity (veins running through the muscles) is also likely to be more prominent.

Muscles are also likely to look bigger very quickly on anavar, due to increase the amount of glycogen inside the muscles. Bigger pumps in the gym are also noticed by users, especially ones who don’t rest for too long inbetween sets.

Despite being a steroid some people turn to, to help them lose weight; anavar is often used by those looking to increase their strength. There are better AAS out there for improving strength, but anavar’s probably the most effective one that DOESN’T cause excessive weight/muscle gain. That’s compared to the likes of anadrol and dianabol.

Anavar Cons

  • Rise in blood pressure
  • Liver toxicity
  • Roid rage
  • Testosterone suppression
  • Anxiety
  • Hair loss

LDL cholesterol levels skyrocketing, will also mean your blood pressure will spike. This isn’t good news for those with less than stellar cardiovascular health; and can lead to heart disease if your BP is high before starting a cycle.

Liver toxicity is also an issue for anavar-users, as it’s an oral steroid and thus has to pass through the voluminous organ. Thus if a user had a strained liver to begin with, the risk of liver failure is much higher.

Testosterone will rise considerably in the early stages of a cycle, causing an increase in confidence, well being, libido and aggression in the gym. High test levels can also bring out ‘roid rage’ in individuals who are prone to being A-holes.

However, T levels will eventually fall to low levels – which often takes months to recover back to your original natural level. Thus all of the side effects you experienced when your test was high, will now be flipped upside down; causing low libido, confidence and well-being after you stop taking var. If you’re prone to negative mental side effects and have experienced anxiety/depression in your life, taking anavar is likely to make this worse due to the comedown.

Anavar is a DHT based compound, which means you can experience thinning of the hair on your scalp and an increase in hair growth everywhere else. Those who have MPB (male pattern baldness) in their family may experience some hair loss. Those who are more lucky might just hang on to their precious hair follicles.


Many people see the pros of anavar and just hop on a cycle, however users need to be aware of the potential dangerous side effects of taking this compound (even if it is the mildest of the anabolic family). Many bodybuilders also don’t take such drugs under expert/medical supervision, which is a disaster waiting to happen.

For some people, the cons of anavar will outweigh the pros, especially as your diet has arguably the biggest influence in regards to how much fat you’ll burn.

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