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9 Reasons Why Athletes Should Consider Steroid Alternatives

Steroids have been around for decades. Although they were originally intended for treating serious medical conditions, it wasn’t long until they were better known among (and more widely used by) athletes. Back in the 60s, they were the magic pills. Instead of dedicating years of their life into working out, the athlete would be able to see the gains in just a few weeks. All they had to do is pop the pill and hit the gym.

Soon enough, everyone started seeing they were more of a curse rather than magic. Sure, they do deliver everything they promise: the strength, the muscles, the speed, the pain tolerance and the fast recovery. But at what cost?

What Are Steroids

To understand the effects of the double-edged sword that is steroids, we need to know first what are they and how do they work. Steroids are short for Androgenic, Anabolic, Steroids. Androgen, more commonly known as Testosterone, is the primary male sex hormone. Anabolic means they are agents that promote anabolism, or in more simple words, building up of tissues (mainly muscles) in the human body.

This explains why such agents are very popular among athletes. They won’t grow muscles on their own if you sit on your couch all day long. But if you hit the gym on steroids, they give you double or triple the gains. They help the body build more muscles, utilizing the body’s nutrition so much more efficiently. They speed up the stamina and the recovery rate, so athletes can go extended periods of hours training, feeling less fatigued, and becoming less prone to injury. Steroids are also said to speed up the healing of injuries.

The androgenic properties though, these are the real trouble. They cause a detrimental amount of side effects that damage the body of the user, both on the short and long run. Starting all way from increasing blood pressure, increasing cholesterol levels, liver damage, baldness, and severe acne, to male infertility and female masculinization. Not to mention the psychological side effects and physical addiction. They’re just not worth it. So in case you were playing around with the idea of starting a steroids cycle, you might want to consider the next closest thing to steroids instead.

Steroids Alternatives

We’re not talking about whey protein and creatine supplements. We’re talking about real steroids alternatives that are just as effective as their counterpart anabolic steroids. You’ll find that they have similar names to the traditional steroids, each delivering the same gains yet without all of the side effects that come with their counterpart anabolic steroids.

Yeah, we know what’s going on in your mind now. You might be skeptical as to the whole “steroids alternatives” thing, arguing that if such a thing actually existed, why the heck isn’t it as widespread as steroids, or why haven’t they replaced the steroids in the market yet!

This is because of the companies exploiting these legal steroids. Many of the products in the market that go under the label of legal steroids contain many other ingredients that just make them worthless and inefficient. Some products also contain some amount of steroids or growth hormones and other FDA non-approved substances, making them as dangerous as the steroids. This is where choosing the right product, from a trusted manufacturer, and making sure of its ingredients becomes important.

Here are 9 Reasons Why Athletes Should Consider Steroids Alternatives:

1. They’re Safe

The first and most important advantage steroids alternatives have, is that they’re much safer than anabolic steroids. Legal steroids are of natural origin, so virtually, they cause no side effects.

2. They’re Legal

In case you’re a professional athlete or you’re training for a competition, using steroids will get you in big trouble with all of the big authorities. Steroids alternatives are also called Legal Steroids, and you can guess the reason of why they have that name.

3. They Give You the Muscle Gains

Legal steroids don’t fall short in competing with anabolic steroids when it comes to muscle gains. If you’re training to bulk up and increase your muscle mass, opt out for the bulking-up steroids counterparts.

4. They Burn Fats and Get You Ripped

You can also choose the legal steroids that help you increase metabolism and burn fats. Even better, the best legal steroids will maintain your muscle mass during the cycle. So not only will you get ripped, you won’t lose any muscles in the process.

5. They Make You Stronger

If you think you’ve reached the ultimate strength you can reach, think again. Legal steroids are known for the strengthening effects, even if you’re following a cycle for burning fats and losing weight.

6. They Reduce Fatigue and Increase Your Feeling of Well-being

One of the biggest advantages of legal steroids is that they’re made of natural ingredients. So not only do they supplement your body with useful elements, they increase your body’s nitrogen reaction. This improves your feelings of well-being and vitality, along with reducing feelings of fatigue during the workout.

7. They Deliver Fast Results

You might ask about how many cycles will it take for the legal steroids to start showing effects. Right away, in fact. If you fix your nutrition too alongside your training routine, you’ll have much more amazing results.

8. They’re Affordable

One of the huge drawbacks of anabolic steroids is that they’re way too expensive. In order to get the gains you’re seeking and maintaining them, you’ll need to spend hundreds of dollars each month on steroids, sometimes every week! That’s not the case with legal steroids alternatives. They’re much more affordable, and a bottle of legal steroids will last you for at least four weeks: that’s one complete cycle.

9. They’re Available

The good news is that legal steroids are also available.You won’t have to go through shady meeting with dealers or search through the black market to get your hands on a bottle. In fact, you can buy them from online stores or from the supplements stores.

Grow Strong, Stay Healthy

We all want to be the best. Sometimes we might become tempted to take the shortcuts that present themselves, thinking we’re being smart. A few years back in time, you might have risked it all to get the gains you desire, just to enjoy it for a couple of years. With the alternative of legal steroids now available in the market, you don’t have to do that anymore.

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