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Bodybuilding Workout Reviews: Top 3 Most Popular Programs For 2018

Bodybuilding workout can transform your body’s physical appearance and uplift its performance to a higher level. If you have engaged in physical fitness through bodybuilding with weight training and aerobic exercise, then you will be building healthy muscles, bones, and joints. Moreover, if you are aiming to pack on healthy muscles and have a healthy good looking body,  you need to determine the most popular and effective bodybuilding workout programs available.

When choosing the program that best suits your need, you can take a look at these top 3 most popular programs for 2018:

  1. 5 x 5 Strength Training Program

The 5×5 strength training program is one of the most popular muscle frame building program being availed by enthusiastic bodybuilders and athletes for their fitness achievement. This training is designed to attack muscles by working on it two to three times every week. It also provides enough retrieval time to stimulate significant muscle growth.

Also, the training program includes the following workouts:

  • Barbel Squat
    You need to do five sets of 5 repetitions or reps by using a barbell. It’s best for your quadriceps and will add strength to your entire lower body. It enhances your functional core strength, helps reduce the chances of injury and improves flexibility.
  • Barbell Bench Press
    This is done by lying on a flat bench and pushing the bar using strength from your arms and chest muscles. You are required to do five sets of 5 reps by using a medium weight. This workout targets your muscles on the chest and improves strength on triceps and build bone density in your upper body.
  • Bent-over row
    This training exercise directly targets and strengthens your muscles on the upper back by doing precisely five sets of 5 reps. It’s done by holding the bar using a double grip in a standing position and pulling the bar near the belly button, then lowering the bar back.
  1. German Volume Training Program

German Volume training program is a three-day per week plan that covers different workouts. It’s a system that needs to increase your muscle hypertrophy and heightens metabolism. If you want to add mass to your body quickly, then this bodybuildingprogram suits you best. To do this, you need to perform some workouts for each body part for ten sets of 10 reps at a weight of 60% of 1 rep max.

Here’s your guide on what workout is needed to target specific body parts:

  • Pull-ups
    It’s a classic bodyweight workout that provides resistance. You need to do ten sets of 10 reps for this work-out. It helps increase your abdominal strength. Moreover, it’s an effective exercise for improving posture, strengthening and elongating your muscles on your chest and back.
  • Weighted Sit Up
    This workout is best in adding extra resistance by doing ten sets of 10 reps. It helps your body gain more strength on legs and grow further the size of your tissues, making you achieve the six pack abs you are aiming for.
  • Military Press
    This is an arm and shoulder exercise that focuses mainly on the deltoid muscle and triceps. Doing the same ten sets of 10 reps of pushing your shoulders to their limits will effectively build a muscular, strong upper body and core stability.
  1. Upper/Lower Split Training


The upper/lower split training is focused in working out the lower and upper body as separate and distinct from each other. Each half is then trained individually on its workout day. This program attacks a specific group of muscles on your upper body that involves your chest, back, shoulders, biceps, and triceps. For your lower body, you need to involve your quads, hamstring, calves, lower back, and abs.


You need to have different exercise per day. For instance, your first day needs to focus on your upper body and the next day will target the lower part of your body. Here are the two workouts you need to follow alternatively:

  • Back squat is known to work on developing muscles on your lower body effectively. Doing this on five sets of 3 reps correctly can help increase your mobility and strengthen areas that naturally weaken as you age, such as those on lower body parts.
  • Push-press is a workout performed in a volatile way, and because it targets your upper body, it eventually supports greater strength and stability in almost any exercise you perform. Having five sets of 3 reps will efficiently build quality slabs of muscle to all bodybuilders.




The bodybuilding training programs discussed above will significantly help you achieve general strength and aesthetics. You can do all the programs listed but make sure to do it step by step and in a different period, because it’s risky when lifting weights is overdone sometimes. Therefore, do these bodybuilding programs to achieve your body goals.

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