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Fan Controlled Football League Launches Team Personality Analyzer

The Fan Controlled Football League (FCFL), the first professional sports league where fans call the shots, announced today the start of its team brand-building process. The FCFL is not only committed to handing over real-time play call decision-making to fans, but to completely integrating fans into the business of professional football. That integration begins in advance of the regular season as fans take their spot in the front office, creating the brands for their respective teams.


While the FCFL will live stream all of its inaugural season games to a global audience via Twitch, all of its teams will be playing in the same indoor facility. With no geographical differentiation amongst its teams, FCFL fans will initially align with teams that fit their individual personalities. In order to determine their personalities, as of today, fans can take the FCFL’s Personality Analyzer.


The Analyzer is designed to be fun and engaging, and also something that can be completed in mere seconds. Once fans confirm their team selection, the brand-building process begins with the opportunity to submit their own ideas for names for their chosen team.


Throughout the coming months leading up to the league’s “first snap,” fans will have the opportunity to submit ideas for names, logo designs, team cheers, and other brand identity elements. They will then vote on these fan-generated submissions, providing them with the full team marketing experience.


FCFL CEO Sohrob Farudi, commented, “Putting decision-making in the hands of our fans is our top priority. But before we do so, we want to be sure fans are aligned with the team for which they are most compatible. So we made sure to invest time and resources to provide fans with a tool to insure the accuracy of that alignment. We welcome all football fans, all fantasy football enthusiasts, all Madden video game players, to take the Analyzer and find their place in the FCFL!”


The FCFL’s fast-paced, one-hour running clock, 7-on-7 games, will be played in a high-tech production studio equipped with drones, sensors and wearables with seating for a studio audience, while streaming to millions in real time via the league’s exclusive multi-year streaming broadcast agreement with Twitch. Twitch will co-market the FCFL to its user base of over 140+ million monthly viewers. Using Twitch extensions, the FCFL has developed an interactive overlay for desktop and mobile, allowing fans to call the plays natively on top of the Twitch video player.


If you’d like to discover your FCFL personality, the Analyzer takes at little as 10 seconds to complete!


About FCFL

The Fan Controlled Football League (FCFL) is a real-world sports league where the fans are in charge. For the first time in sports, fans get to call all the plays in real-time, create the branding for the teams, hire the coaches, and choose the players that make each team’s roster via a fan-run draft. Designed to combine the passion of live sport, the competition of fantasy sports, the engagement of video games, and the global reach of esports, the FCFL is the first pro sports league truly created for the digital fan. To learn more, visit

Source: Jen Rottenberg
Fan Controlled Football League

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