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Steroids Don’t Leave Your Body For Almost a Decade After Their Use

Not lot of athlete knows that taking steroids for a short period of time can show its effect throughout their entire career.


They say taking steroids for a short period of time will not have that much side effects on your body. But for an athlete like me, it can ruin entire career. I am an athlete and I started my career at a very young age. I wanted to witness success quickly and I took a short cut to reach the top level.  I started to take steroids. Initially, it showed tremendous effects and I started performing excellent. I stopped taking steroids after a few years as I was aware that I will have to undergo a doping test. Though I stopped taking steroids I couldn’t pass the doping test and I was suspended for two years. I was not taking steroids anymore. After two years I again underwent doping test but unfortunately and surprisingly I again failed the test. I told them that I have not taken steroids for almost 4 years. But the test result showed that the effects of steroids were still present in my muscles. This was a shock of my life. What a mistake I had made. That ruined my life forever.


I went to a medical expert to know more about it. He told me that a small exposure to the drugs can have a long-lasting effect. Steroids boost the number of cell nuclei in the muscle fibers which are key to building strength in muscles when people exercise. And the extra nuclei a people gains using testosterone stays on your body for a long term. There is a myth that if someone stops taking the drug they stop getting its benefit. This is not true. I have experienced that. A study suggests that steroids are sufficient to build muscle mass and it is sufficient to give long term effect and it could last up to 10 years. And moreover, this research raises a point of increasing the period of suspension over an athlete for doping for more than 4 years. There is a saying in science “If you cheat, you are out of life,” and I think the same thing should go for athletes. If you cheat you should be banned for a longer period of time. I know it’s harsh but if you are cheating to yourself, you deserve it. Just like me.


Moral of the story and the lesson which I have learned is that don’t cheat to your profession and to yourself. If you have it in you, you will excel anyway. Steroids might give you initial results but eventually, you are going to fail because its effect lasts for a longer period of time than you think. Steroid abuse will ruin not only your life, your career but your health and body forever.  Success gained from shortcuts lives for short period but the adverse effects never leave you.


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