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ATV Riding Tips for Beginners

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Riding on an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) is one of the exciting adventurous activities nowadays. Most leisure or theme parks offer this kind of amenity as a recreational activity especially for tourists who are having their vacation. However, if you are a beginner, before jumping in out of excitement, it is important to learn the basics of riding an ATV. Take on this blog in order to be oriented when you ride an ATV for the first time. For interested people who wanted to buy and have their own ATV, please check and visit for details and more options.


Tips for Riding an ATV


  1. Prepare yourself– like any other sport that involves in riding such as a bicycle, motorcycle, sports car, and other related sports, you need to have some preparations. This includes the protective gears to wear, the proper mental and physical conditioning to be engaged in this kind of sport. Moreover, it is better to have an instructor who would teach you the basics of operating an ATV. Furthermore, awareness on the road courtesy is also important because it can protect you from any conflict that might arise along the road.


  1. Learn and master the basics–  what makes ATV more exciting is that when professional riders do exhibitions such as wheelies. But before you can do this, it would take a lot of practice to master the basics in operating an ATV. This includes the coordination of your footwork and hand dexterity. Like a motorcycle, you have to be easy on the gas pedal and quick to hand-break at times. It also includes gear shifting and practicing breaks. Likewise, you need to be skillful in using the handles when taking turns to avoid accidents. Thus, unless you master these basics, avoid doing extreme exhibitions. Recklessness might lead to unprecedented accidents.


  1. Find your comfortable positioning – Aside from mastering the basics, you have to sit on the ATV the most comfortable way. This means that when you sit, it will be convenient for you to reach and do the handles correctly to avoid any accidents. At times, any disturbance, including an uncomfortable seating position, may be a cause for any untoward incident.  


  1. Follow the trail – Another important reminder is to follow the trail. Trails are the marks created by the wheels of ATV which passed on roads, especially in muddy, sandy or any soft soiled roads. The trail indicates that a certain path can be passable and the wheels may not be stuck on it. But if the trails are so deep, it indicates that the road is very soft that your wheels might be stuck. In other words, when you drive an ATV, make sure to widen your road horizon and follow trails to save yourself from any roadblock.


  1. Have mastery over the controls – part of your practice should be the controls. Unlike any motor vehicle, ATV seems to have confusing controls, considering it is a huge vehicle. Any wrong move might produce massive movements done by the vehicle. It is like playing a video game for the first time. But when you are able to familiarize and master these controls, it becomes handy. These controls may be of help to you when enjoying your ride such as boosting your speed, taking reverse turns, doing some exhibitions such as the wheelies, changing gears without much pressure on the clutch and control over the vehicle especially when passing by rough roads.


  1. Make your Handles flexible– when you practice riding an ATV, make sure to exercise your elbow muscles so that it may become loosen up and become flexible. Stiff elbows could be one of the difficulties encountered by beginners handling massive vehicles. But when you are able to loosen up, it is much comfortable to make turns and other maneuvers.




            Any adventurous activity like riding an ATV may bring so much excitement to you. But any exciting activity is coupled with perils. So before enjoying the ride, as a beginner, make sure to follow these guidelines. It is better to be cautious in the beginning to prepare yourself for more enjoyment later than become reckless now and suffer any untoward results due to accidents. As always, prevention is always better than cure. Have an adventurous vacation that is safe and secure.

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