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How Multi-Use Games Areas and Artificial Turf Pitches are Good for Keeping Kids Healthy

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Artificial turf pitches and multi-use game areas are on the rise, and they are now everywhere from high schools to big gaming complexes. It is interesting that this technology is now being used in children’s playgrounds all over the world. However, over the years, artificial turf pitches have seen a lot of criticism, and most people have associated them with cancer, but the truth is they are increasingly becoming preferred over natural grass. The following is how multi-use games area and artificial turf pitches are good for healthy kids;

Reduced injury risk

There is yet to be a consensus on whether the chance of getting an injury is higher on natural grass or artificial turf pitches. The truth however is, synthetic turfs provide higher impact absorption and reduce high friction to keep chances of getting an injury as low as possible. This way, kids are not exposed to injuries more often; hence there health is not compromised.

They are free from toxic materials

The good thing about artificial turf pitches is that they do not require irrigation, fertilizers or any pesticides. Kids’ skin is pretty sensitive, and when exposed to some chemicals it could lead to irritation or infections. Luckily, artificial turf pitches don’t require such maintenance; hence kids can go through their playing routine without any compromise. They only need proper sanitizing to kill any bacteria present.

Provide a smooth surface

One of the reasons why artificial turf pitches are being preferred in many sports and safety surfaces is their soft nature. You’ll agree with me children can be quite playful and it’s easy for them to get reckless while at it. In as much as natural grass can be safe, artificial turf pitches provide a smooth surface that does not have any sort of inconsistency. When kids fall, they don’t get hurt much and won’t have to worry about nursing bruises every time.

Helps in reducing allergy and asthma triggers

Usually, natural grass contains natural pollens which may trigger asthma and allergies, especially in children. Artificial turf pitches are quite beneficial especially because they don’t contain such proponents and children can go about their play routine without any inconveniences. Likewise, with the synthetic turf fields interacting with nature is less and kids are less likely to pick any foreign materials including germs and bacteria.

A recent study has indicated that synthetic turfs can contribute to hindering the children’s creativity and play a significant role in their development. However, pretty much every child grows up in an artificial and indoor environment these days. So, not only do they know how to play in these artificial turf pitches but also get to enjoy substantial health benefits. Synthetic fields have many health benefits and its hard to see them going anywhere any time soon. They are also relatively easy to access, install, and once they are functional, they can be used for an extended period without having high maintenance costs.

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