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The Top Health Risks Men Should Know About

In many ways, it may seem as though men have the upper hand in our modern society. Physically stronger, genetically taller, and higher paid. They are generally treated more favorably, tend to live longer, and more of them are born each year.

When it comes to health, however, men seem to have drawn the short straw. What is worse is that they are far less likely than women to seek medical treatment for any health concerns, meaning that problems are more likely to escalate through not being addressed. While representatives such as Mantality Health are trying to promote health awareness and understanding of issues such as low testosterone in men, there is still a long way to go.

In addition, there are also some conditions which men are more predisposed to, and have a higher risk of developing. Whether you are a man yourself or have one you value in your life, here are the top dangers you should be on the lookout for.

Cardiovascular Disease

Cardiovascular disease is translated as ‘atherosclerosis,’ which means ‘hardening of the arteries. It is the leading cause of death worldwide, killing one in five people, closely followed by strokes. While this statistic is accurate for both sexes, the average age of death for men from this condition is 65, compared to around 71 for women. The arteries of men develop this atherosclerosis earlier, making them more prone to an earlier death. The cause is still unknown but is believed to be attributed to the naturally higher levels of HDL (good cholesterol) enjoyed by women.

Simple steps such as a healthy, balanced diet, plenty of exercise, and avoiding smoking can all help, but men should be aware of their cholesterol and check out anything which seems to change.

Prostate Cancer

With the exception of skin cancer, this is the most common cancer found in men, with around 200,000 cases developing in the US every year. This disease is one area where prevention is better than cure. Despite this scare statistic, in truth, only one in 35 men will die from the disease thanks in large to catching and treating the condition early. Being shy is not an option—testing could save your life.

Depression and suicide

Depression and male suicide are issues which have been making headlines lately. Men run a very high risk of developing depression and suicidal tendencies. This is thought in part to be caused by the ‘tough man’ stigma so often applauded by society. Men are not encouraged to talk about their feelings, instead of keeping negative thoughts, fears, worries and concerns under wraps. Depression can affect appetite, sleep and energy levels, and may have potentially devastating consequences if left untreated. Always remember that it is ok to talk, and there is no shame in these feelings. If you think you are experiencing symptoms of depression, reach out to a psychotherapist and start working out the problems.

Learn the symptoms of depression in men and how it can be different in this article from BetterHelp.


Men have a one in three chance of developing diabetes and seem more prone to the condition than women. A range of factors increase your risk of developing diabetes, such as smoking or being overweight, but it also seems your sex could put you at a disadvantage. Symptoms such as an unexplained thirst or frequent urination should be checked out by your doctor as soon as possible.

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