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Johnny Manziel – AAF Flameout Will Result in XFL Opportunity… Maybe

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Another chance. That is what Johnny Manziel is receiving by signing with the Memphis Express of the Alliance of American Football after getting released by the Montreal Alouettes of the Canadian Football League. The former Heisman Trophy winner is joining his fifth team (and fourth organization) since being drafted by the Cleveland Browns in the first round (22nd overall) in the 2014 NFL Draft.

While there is still some excitement in seeing what “Johnny Football” can do on the field, his off-the-field issues eclipse all of that and more. Case in point, his departure from the CFL is still a mystery and the league’s press release stated that Manziel was ineligible to play north of the border due to what was described as him having “contravened” the terms of his CFL contract.

The AAF was interested and looked to bring Manziel in, adding yet another league to the back of his sports card. (He also played in The Spring League last year.) San Antonio held his territorial rights but declined to sign Manziel, 26, and he was then signed by Memphis, who held the league’s worst record (1-5) and had first dibs once he was deemed a free agent. The Express has only four games left and head coach Mike Singletary will not throw him to the wolves until he is ready.

So hypothetically, Manziel should get a mulligan for the rest of this season, even if he does find himself under center before the schedule ends. Figure on him being part of the league in Year Two.

But what if the AAF does not make it that far. While the league has been well received for the most part, attendance has been a problem and money talks. So it is certainly a possibility that The Alliance will be a ‘one-and-done’ or Manziel will step on his dick yet again and find himself back out on the street for one reason or another.

Enter the XFL.

On face value, Manziel is ineligible for the next spring league to launch (in 2020) according to Vince McMahon’s pledge that no criminals will be allowed to play. Manziel has taken more than one collar and his behavior issues should be a huge red flag if the league wants to remain squeaky clean. But he is a draw and McMahon is a businessman.

So crystal ball in hand, figure on Manziel getting an XFL tryout before an NFL look.

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