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Why We Encourage You To Visit Our Competitors

Sure, we have no problem admitting we’re out of our fuckin’ minds; that’s blatantly obvious even to a casual reader/viewer of our seven-tiered media outlet. Our ‘we-don’t-give-a-fuck’ attitude, straight-up real talk without any favoritism or bias towards a company/league/organization/federation and mocking the others for not having the balls to even push the envelope with controversial topics while we pulverize it are merely a few examples.

But we are going to one-up that…

WE ENCOURAGE YOU TO VISIT OUR COMPETITION’S MEDIA OUTLETS, WATCH AND MAKE A COMPARISON. If you prefer their milquetoast style, then go ahead and enjoy. Just don’t forget to set the alarm because their material dwarfs Ambien.

If your cup of tea is boring talk about male striated glutes, then do not let us hold you back with talk of bisexual muscle girls scissoring.

How about those columns ‘written’ by your favorite IFBB pro? We’re going to burst your bubble and ‘out’ those other publications that the vast majority – if not all – are put together by ghostwriters. BUT we can say in all confidence that the columns you read in MuscleSport Magazine are in fact written by the person on the by-line (yes, including Jason Genova).


“Ask Ron” or “Titan Medical Center Presents Ask Me Anything – mSm Style?” Which one will make you yawn and which one will make you laugh your balls off, hear legit talk about steroids and invite you on to say whatever is on your mind.

And here’s another thing that they do over there that is cheating the reader – repurpose articles. In the media, that means repeating a piece (that probably blew the first time, anyway) a period of time after it was published/posted. That’s what some companies need to do when they have no creativity nor talent. Such is not the case with mSm.

So please take a moment and go check out what Muscular Development, Muscle & Fitness/FLEX and whoever else you like has to offer. We have a sneaking’ suspicion that you’ll be back here in no time and for life.

Like The Family says – mSm 4 Life!

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