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NFLPA Fucked Over AAF

Alliance of American Football

It was fun while it lasted. The Alliance of American Football has joined the list of snake bitten professional football leagues that have come and gone while the National Football League seems like it will never face a legitimate challenge… flaws and all.

After eight weeks of its inaugural regular season, the AAF has suspended operations with very few details on exactly why. But while it may not be a total shock, the reason appears to be the NFL Players Association balking on allowing practice squad players with futures contracts from participating in the AAF.

Tom Dundon, the majority owner/chairman of the AAF since last month after he plunked down $250 million to basically keep the league afloat, wanted to ensure that it was in fact a developmental league for the NFL and put a lot of stock in the taxi squad issue. Dundon, who is also the owner of the NHL’s Carolina Hurricanes, cited the non-cooperation of the NFLPA as a reason why an option of shit canning the entire league was on the table.


Pointing to potential injuries and CBA violations, the NFLPA said thank but no thanks to Dundon’s extended hand. But allocating players to NFL Europe was the model of that entire league and this seemed like a perfect scenario to do that once again, especially since the NFL was very supportive of the AAF.

A number of games were shown on the NFL Network and many former big names such as Bill Polian were behind the formation of the new spring league. But it became apparent that Dundon had a different business model once he paid for the privilege of being the decision-maker.

Polian put out a press release on Tuesday that included:

“I am extremely disappointed to learn Tom Dundon has decided to suspend all football operations of the Alliance of American Football. When Mr. Dundon took over, it was the belief of my co-founder, Charlie Ebersol, and myself that we would finish the season, pay our creditors, and make the necessary adjustments to move forward in a manner that made economic sense for all.

The momentum generated by our players, coaches and football staff had us well positioned for future success. Regrettably, we will not have that opportunity.

I sincerely regret that many that believed in this project will see their hopes and efforts unrewarded,” Polian said in his statement Tuesday. “They gave their best for which I am deeply grateful. Unfortunately, Mr. Dundon has elected this course of action.”

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