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Why Choose Anti-Inflammatory Patch Over Oral Medication?

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If you are a sports or fitness enthusiast, injuries and infections can look like a common thing to you until and unless your body starts giving up. To make sure these don’t hinder your exercise regime, you need to take proper medication at the right time. For an effective and quick result, you can choose from any of the best anti inflammatory patches available in the market. These can relieve your pain quite efficiently. And the best part is you don’t have to consume them. Apply on your skin, and it will do the rest.

You may wonder if applying a skin patch can be as good as taking oral medicine. For this, you first need to know little about how both these forms of medication work. Application of a specific amount of medication on the affected area or whole body is recommended by doctors to help achieve desired results. A doctor may advise you one of the two ways of administering medicine – oral and topical. The first option is the most common.

When someone takes oral medication, the dose of the drug travels through the person’s digestive tract and liver into blood and does its work. While in the case of the latter, the medicine is applied to the particular part of the skin to allow it to absorb. Topical administration can be done in many ways, of which transdermal is quite popular and safe.  Taking the transdermal route generally involves applying skin patches on the affected region.

Transdermal vs. oral medication

Transdermal patch or skin patch can be as effective as an oral medication. But it can also prove to be more advantageous for your health. To begin with, medicines absorbed through the oral route can impact your metabolism since they pass from your gastrointestinal tract into blood. This risk gets nearly eliminated in the other form of medication.

Since skin patches cause less concentration of the drug on the area compared to the oral one, the risk of associated side-effects automatically gets alleviated.

How to use anti-inflammatory skin patches?

If you don’t like to gulp pills or drain those bitter-sweet syrups, use an anti-inflammatory patch as an alternative. Here are a few things that you need to know when you apply these patches.

  • Put the patch on dry and clean skin.
  • Be careful if your skin is broken as it may absorb too much drug.
  • Stick it firmly on your skin.
  • Clean your hands after applying the patch on the injured region.
  • Apply the patch in some other area if you experience irritation in the previous area.
  • Fold the patch properly before discarding it in the dustbin.
  • Clean the area with soap and water after removing the patch.

One of the best things about pain-relieving patches is that you can wear them anywhere anytime, while swimming, exercising, or bathing. Most of these are available in different sizes and avoid the use of dangerous drugs. So, they are amazing for your health. They can give you relief from swelling and pain in no time, depending on the response system of your body.


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