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Explore Important Tips to Prevent Cervical Cancer That Could Jeopardize Your Health Introduction

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Cervical cancer is described by medical professionals as silent but deadly. It is supposed to be a slow-growing anomaly that hardly comes up with any distinct symptoms in the initial stages. As per the statistics provided by the ‘Centers for Disease Control’, there are over 11,000 cervical cancer cases that are diagnosed every year and in some of these cases, things are too late and beyond control for any remedial treatment.

According to, “Cervical cancer is one of the few cancers that are almost totally preventable. It comes down to avoiding human papillomavirus, or HPV, which is sexually transmitted. HPV is the top cause of cervical cancer. But it doesn’t always cause the disease. Many people have HPV and don’t develop cervical cancer.” Experts point out to some other contributing factors and that may include poor nutrition, smoking, pregnancy, a debilitated immune system, etc. Let us explore some effective tips for minimizing cervical cancer risk.

Do Not Forget to Do Routine Pap Tests

Pap tests are done to detect any abnormalities. They help doctors to examine if there are any abnormal changes in your cervix cells and take immediate action to make sure that cervical cancer does not develop. You must go through a Pap test minimum once in every three years from the time you are 21 years old. When you are 30 years old, it is recommended to opt for the Pap test once every five years provided HPV testing is done along with Pap and you are getting negative results. Moreover, any bleeding while having intercourse must necessarily be assessed by a qualified gynecologist. Your doctor may ask you to shop ELISA Kit that may be used as an effective ‘screening test for cervical cancer’.

Get Doctor’s Advice Post Abnormal Pap Smears

You must necessarily follow up in case your report suggests abnormal pap smears. He may ask you to get another Pap test done later. If the result suggests some other abnormality, you would have to undergo some other tests as per your doctor’s advice to determine the main issue. Women who got abnormal Pap test results could be asked by their doctor to undergo an HPV DNA examination that could help in detecting HPV on the cervix of a woman.

Get the Relevant Vaccinations

There is a vaccine available for preventing cervical cancer so, you must use it. Cervarix is supposed to be an effective vaccine to protect you from HPV that trigger cervical cancer. If you missed the vaccinations as a child, you could still use the vaccine until age 26. Remember to use a condom without fail on each occasion if you are sexually active. The risk of getting HPV could be minimized with the help of condoms. Condoms must be used to cut down the risk of HPV-associated diseases and that may include cervical cancer. Always practice safe sex.

Conclusion: Quit Smoking & Reduce the Risk

Smoking cigarette is known to double the risk of getting cervical cancer. Studies have revealed that the DNA present in the cervix cells are damaged by tobacco by-products and that may culminate in the gradual development of the much-dreaded cervical cancer. Quit smoking if you wish to lead a healthy life.

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