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Bad Girls Productions Joins The mSm Family

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Talk about a perfect fit. We are proud to announce that the lovely ladies at Bad Girls Productions have joined The mSm Family. These beauties are fit chicks who… entertain, if you will, at bachelor parties and take pole dancing to a new level.

From their website:

“Bad Girl Productions is all about the ultimate bachelor party strippers for your destination bachelor party. We help you put the “best” in Best Man. You will win. Be a bachelor party hero.

Bad Girl Pro is the best agency in San Diego when it comes to organizing wild bachelor parties with hot girls. When you call, you will speak directly with me and I will help you plan the ultimate night of debauchery. We put the PRO in Bad Girl Pro.”, said Bad Girl Liz, Liaison to the Beautiful People.

Formerly a Playboy talent scout for the Mansion, Bad Girl Liz has the eye for beautiful girls and awesome events, the reason why all of the amazing girls she currently works with received the unique Bad Girl Liz ‘Hump of Approval’.

  • As seen on Playboy TV’s “Ultimate Bachelor Party”
  • Featured on Rock 105.3 “Thursday’s” w Tommy Lee
  • Showcased on The Learning Channel “The Secret Life of Strippers”

Bad Girl Liz is the owner of Bad Girl Pro, The Ultimate Bachelor Party Adult Entertainment Agency in San Diego that can deliver the greatest bachelor party experience ever. She started her company way back in 1991 to make her way through college and now Liz is the clever CEO of the Bad Girl Pro Enterprise, reaching new peaks of success and placing the Bad Girl Pro brand along some of the biggest names in the strippers industry.

If you decide to call Bad Girl Liz, you will speak to an expert that has been planning exquisite events for LA rock stars, San Diego surfers or sophisticated Arizona gentlemen. Rest assured that her wide experience in the stripping field will help you organize The Ultimate Bachelor Party (Party Bus + Girls).

You can throw money at a shady stripper site, sure. Have you noticed though, how these sites are completely devoid of any information? Our sources familiar with shady sites tell us that the price they negotiated for over the phone turned out to be way more in person.

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