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How is Chiropractic Treatment a Better Alternative Than Using Painkillers?

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The use of turning towards chiropractic treatment is that, instead of covering up for your problem with medicine, it actually heals you from within. Without medicine or without any invasive treatment; simply by the age-old technique of bone setting, chiropractors can give a magical solution to your joint pains, chronic pains, numbness, lower back pain, stiffness of joints and so many bone related issues that have been making your life difficult.

Painkillers conceal the pain but never heals

The action of painkillers in the body is actually very tricky. Instead of healing the cause underlying the pain, painkillers interfere with how the brain responds to pain. It alters some chemical levels in the body, which bars some nerve transmissions, and thereby the feeling of pain is diminished or blocked for some time.

Some pain killers work by reducing the extent of pain, and some work by totally blocking the feeling of pain. This means the way the brain would have felt the  pain and would have made the body reacts to the pain no longer happens through the phase when you are under the action of the pain killers. As the action slowly gets over, the pain returns back because the nerve impulses get back to prior transmission status, and the chemicals in the brain work the same way again.

Avoid greater damage to the body by avoiding pain killers for chronic pains

The action of painkillers can be quite negative to the body and brain if taken continuously or frequently. Some people have the tendency to take painkillers for any reason and any pain. They take pain killers for headache, for sprains, for joint aches, and any other type of pain, without realizing what long term negative effect they are inviting into their lives in this way. Heart problems, blood pressure disturbances, poor liver function, kidney problems, and many other issues are related to the excess and non-prescribed use of painkillers through years. And what is scarier is that when you take pain killers, you unknowingly cause more damage to your problematic joints.

The joints should not be moved in a certain way to give the place the time to heal. The brain makes for this arrangement by generating the feeling of pain and discomfort thereby reducing wish and ability to move that part. But under the action of pain killers, one the pain temporarily reduces, the movement is resumed. As a result, the place does not get the necessary rest to heal, and the damage may worsen due to repetitive movements.

Try chiropractic

Try the magical result from a chiropractic session. Just one session would give you the confidence to go for a few more seating so that you find total healing and total solution. This is an age-old science that has sustained through the centuries, simply because it works, and solves the problem deep rooted. It’s in the magical massage, pressure, and movements done by the practitioner that your bones get aligned the right way to give you a fresh pain-free feel at the problem areas. If chemical medicines and invasive treatments have not given you this feel till date, then you must try this side effect free noninvasive treatment, and feel the difference. You can check out with Cambridge Chiropractor for a fast cure.

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