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The Best Vegan Supplement Brand

Vegan bodybuilders need a supplement brand to fuel their workouts, and in general a vegan diet cuts out some missing ingredients. Supplementation is key to great recovery for vegan athletes and essential for total nutritional health. Unfortunately, it seems most of the top-notch brands forget about the vegan population, which is completely unfair.


That’s why we’re here to introduce the best vegan supplement brand out there: Performance Lab.


While other brands make a vegan protein or fatty acid supplements, Performance Lab covers it all. They have an outstanding core line for your daily needs, like a multivitamin, brain health, and energy. Their sport line features highly effective pre-workouts, BCAAs, T-boosters, and more. But what really makes Performance Lab stand out in their field is their use of whole food ingredients grown and harvested from food cultures.


Why whole food supplements?


By eliminating animal products from their diet, vegans run the risk of missing important nutrients. For example, vitamins B12 and D plus calcium, iodine, and omega-3 fatty acids are difficult to get from plant-based foods. Performance Lab has done the seemingly impossible by using their trademark BioGenesis method to grow micronutrients in single-cell organisms.


Most supplements lose efficacy because they’re made from synthetic sources, leaving the nutrients to travel straight through your body without actually being absorbed. That’s kind of useless,

nd not only a waste of money, but running a risk with your health. Performance Lab’s supplements are grown and harvested within their lab to be as bioavailable as a meal.


This method of production combines the best of both worlds for vegan athletes – all the nutrients you need (and can use), none of the extra calories, and absolutely nothing close to an animal product.


Let’s go over some of their supplements and what makes these products from Performance Lab great for bodybuilders and athletes.


Core Range


The core line of supplements from Performance Lab offers daily use option for vegans (or anyone) looking to optimize general health.


Whole Food Multi


Everyone needs a good multivitamin, especially as foods are becoming less nutrient-dense as we speak. Bodybuilders, strength, and physique athletes place higher demands on their body than most, and yet they’re often controlling their intake more than others. Taking a great multivitamin derived from real whole foods isolates the nutrients you need and ensures they are bioavailable.


A very small peek at what vitamins and minerals from multivitamins do for you:


  • – bone/joint health, nervous system function, muscular health
  • Iron – oxygen transport
  • Vitamin D3 – protects testosterone, helps with immunity
  • Niacin – increases blood circulation, helps with protein and fat metabolism
  • B-Vitamins – energy production and use




If you’re training multiple times a day, early mornings, or just simply trying to ramp up energy to work out after work, I guarantee you you’re tied to your preferred energy solution. And it’s probably a stimulant that comes with a crash.


Performance Lab Energy, on the other hand, targets mitochondrial health to enhance energy production at its source. It’s ingredients not only increase mitochondrial function and density, but it also protects those organelles from damaging free radicals. All energy, no crash, no calories.




Performance Lab Sleep contains melatonin, tryptophan, magnesium and tart cherry to enhance your sleep. By taking a high-quality sleep supplement, you help regulate your circadian rhythm to recover from a hard day’s work. There’s no greater recovery than a good night’s sleep, and that’s why we spend a third of our lives doing it. Take your sleep seriously with this vegan supplement, and you’ll see results.





Unlike probiotics that introduce new good bacteria, prebiotics facilitate health in your already-existing gut bugs. Performance Lab Prebiotic targets Bifidobacterium, which lowers gut pH by producing lactic acid. Bad bacteria can’t survive well in acidic environments, Mineral absorption (think magnesium, calcium, zinc) is actually enhanced with acidic solutions, so taking this prebiotic helps with the uptake of your vitamins and minerals as well. Finally, your gut bacteria plays a big role in the microbiome-gut-brain axis, which controls stress levels especially in high training periods.


Sport Range


Performance Lab’s Sport line crosses over from general supplementation to providing vegan options for specific athletic needs.




Everyone knows you need protein around your workout for tissue repair and recovery. BCAAs are responsible for the majority of that benefit. Leucine, isoleucine, and valine make up 40% of your amino acid needs, and thus promote muscle recovery and enhance strength. Leucine is the prime mover, and Performance Lab BCAA brings twice the amount of leucine than others.


Performance Lab Sport BCAA stimulates IGF-1 growth hormone and increases rate of protein synthesis for hypertrophy. It also reduces post-workout soreness and fatigue while stimulating insulin for uptaking aminos in to your muscle. BCAAs are a staple supplement for any trainee, and Performance Lab has just the formula any vegan athlete needs.




Performance Lab Pre-Workout contains creatine, glutamine, carnosine, and citrulline. Together, these ingredients increase force production, aid in muscular endurance, and clear build up of metabolic waste. They combine their benefits with a natural fungus, cordyceps, to boost energy and resist fatigue. Seriously, it’s the perfect combo for a killer workout.




Your post-workout needs should target recovery as fast as possible. Glutamine has been shown to be one of the most effective amino acids in doing so, and Performance Lab Post-Workout is full of it. They also did a pretty cool thing in targeting dehydration through pink Himalayan salt and coconut water crystals. It’s like drinking a sports drink in a pill form. Their post-workout lets you reap the recovery benefits without all of the added calories and sugars.


Fat Burner


Attention: if you’re a vegan physique competitor, this is your new go-to.


When preparing for a meet, cutting calories and training on an empty stomach is the norm. But that can destroy your results; without fuel, your body can start to reach deep into muscle tissue for energy production.


Beta-hydroxy beta-methylbutyrate (HMB) is a metabolite found in Performance Lab Fat Burner that neutralizes and of the muscle-damaging effects of fasted training. On top of saving muscle, it also encourages your body to use stored fat for energy. Less fat, more muscle mass? Yes, please.


They go one step further by adding cayenne pepper for catecholamine-induced lipolysis. This method of fat metabolism attacks visceral fat specifically, rather than stored fat in general. You know where that visceral fat comes from? Your belly.


In a final touch, they include forskolin to regulate metabolism, increase thermogenesis, and trigger anabolic hormones such as testosterone. It’s really a perfect storm for fat-burning.




Performance Lab has such a wide variety of highly-effective vegan supplements that it’s hard to NOT rank them the best. We took a small look at the top offerings for athletes, but if you visit their website, you’ll find even more option for vegans.


Remember – you’re already practicing a restrictive diet and need to fill in certain nutrients with supplements. Add being an athlete on top of that, and you better not risk your health by ignoring supplementation. Performance Lab is without a doubt the best vegan supplement brand for their variety, bioavailability, and quality. So pick your favorite and get to training today.

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