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Why Should You Visit a Sleep Clinic in Singapore for Sleep Apnea Screening Test?

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The problem of sleep apnea or obstructive sleep disorder is growing among Singaporeans. There is nothing to worry if you fall asleep in the middle of doing something. But if you often fall asleep at any time of the day while relaxing, it indicates trouble. With that, loud snoring sound is another telltale that something is wrong with your health. When somebody tells you that you were snoring in your sleep in the day time, don’t ignore his or her comment. All this can happen if you are not getting enough sleep at night. The reason for this can be many, but one thing is sure that you need medical assistance. For that, you would have to visit a sleep clinic Singapore.

How does a sleep clinic help you?

If you suspect that you have sleep apnea, book an appointment with the sleep specialist at a reputed sleep clinic and get your tests done. Treatment will be determined based on the severity of your illness. For diagnosis, the doctor may recommend you sleep apnea screening test or a sleep study. At the time of the diagnosis, you have to wear a device that will read your breathing and sleep patterns when asleep. You can do this test at home also as nowadays some mobile wrist devices have launched in the market.

Some patients feel that the other option is more comfortable for them as they don’t experience any disturbance while sleeping with a small device, and comparatively a smaller number of instruments and monitoring tools. This method proves to be less expensive also compared to a polysomnogram. But the problem is in-home tests are not comprehensive. And, heart and lung patients cannot wear the device for safety reasons. So, it is better to go for the in-lab test polysomnogram only, which gives comprehensive results and has been effective in detecting many sleep-related ailments in people.

What kind of treatment may they offer you?

If the sleep disorder is confirmed, your doctor may recommend you CPAP therapy. CPAP stands for continuous positive airway pressure. This therapy may require you to wear a nasal or face mask that is fixed with a pump and supplies an adequate amount of air to your nasal passage to keep your airways open. Some patients can notice an immediate positive impact on their sleep and daytime activities. They can also feel fresh and have a better concentration level. And all this may also reflect in their mood.

However, like some patients, you may not be comfortable with this therapy. And the reason for that can be your habit of not wearing anything when you sleep. Don’t bother if this treatment does not suit you. The ENT specialists can treat your problem using other means. For example, they can conduct a minor in-lab procedure if your sleeping issue is mild. Or, recommend surgery for a long-lasting effect.

Sleep apnea is easy to handle if you approach the right doctor on time and get your tests and treatment done. Otherwise, you may risk your health for severe diseases, such as heart failure.


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