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Key Ways To Improve the Overall Health of Your Office and Employees

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One of your key assets for having a successful company or business is your employees. When they’re motivated, you are more likely to have a productive team. You can achieve this by encouraging them to improve their health.


Employees who have healthy lifestyles can avoid being sick or absent, which leads to increased productivity. Here are ways to help them improve their health:


  1. Create a program


Before implementing a healthy guide, plan, or challenge to your employees, you must create a solid plan in which everyone is aware and involved in. From healthy snacks, such as SnackNation healthy snacks, the prevention of mental health issues, to physical exercises, you must first establish your plan.  Here are the things you need to do:


  • Ask for contributions from your employees. This can come in the form of surveys or campaigns. You can collect and select suggestions about the challenges your employees face when it comes to having a healthy lifestyle.
  • Propose ideas through meetings or memos. After selecting ideas from your team, create a draft with your management and propose it to everyone. You can conduct another survey about whether they approve it or not.
  • Amend your draft. Based on the results of the survey, you will either recreate or amend the draft. If your employees have brilliant suggestions, then incorporate them.
  • Circulate and let the final program be known. When you have a solid plan, let your employees know it through a memorandum to make it formal.
  • Implement your program so your employees will see that you’re committed and serious about it.


  1. Promote health awareness


Part of your plan must have a health awareness stage where you can ask doctors, psychologists or nutritionists to speak to your employees. Although people know that living a healthy lifestyle is a must, some may not know how to do it while others don’t see the relevance between health and work. With the help of professionals, you can encourage them to keep a healthy mind, body, and physique.


You can have a seminar about healthy living in which all your employees must attend. Schedule them per batch so that it won’t impede your company’s workflow. You can ask the doctor for a consultation and recommendation phase, too. For example, your employees can consult about any health issues they may be experiencing such as diet, mental health issues, apnea, and others. The doctor will then recommend prescribed drugs or other alternatives to address their problems, such as ergonomic pillows for sleeping or snoring that are available in different online stores like CPAP.


As a result, your employees will be encouraged to commit to your programs to start a healthy lifestyle.


  1. Encourage eating healthy foods


People with unhealthy eating habits have more chances of losing their productivity, aside from the risk of incurring cancer, diabetes, and other severe ailments. As an employer, you want to boost your employees’ productivity. One way to do that is to help them eat healthily. In your workplace, you can do the following:


  • Install on-site vending machines that don’t have sodas or unhealthy drinks. Instead, these machines must contain low calorie snacks and drinks. Or better yet, employ an office snack delivery service to provide healthy snacks to your employees.
  • Provide a healthy menu for your cafeterias such as a vegan menu, keto-diet menu, and other foods for various diets.
  • Provide tools that are essential in producing or creating healthy foods or snacks such as a sandwich press, blender, or juicer. This way, your employees will be encouraged to prepare a healthy meal in the office.
  • Have free fruits on a fruit bowl as a replacement to sugary snacks.
  • Install a fridge and microwave that everyone can use so they can store and reheat their pre-packed healthy lunches.
  • Buy or order healthy foods during meetings, seminars, or gatherings.


  1. Improve mental health


Being healthy encompasses being mentally well. When employees suffer mental health issues like depression, anxiety, and stress, their productivity decreases. Learn more about depression and mental health here: Therefore, it’s essential to also value programs that can help them improve their mental well-being. You can refer to the following tips:


  • Show support.Let your employees know that you care about their psychological well-being and you take mental health issues seriously. Encourage them to reach out to you whenever they suffer from such problems.
  • Involve all levels of management.Not only should you be available for consultation about their mental problems, but you must also require managers or supervisors to do the same.
  • Implement mental health offs.Give your employees time to recuperate by letting them have a day off. If you do this, you’ll give them a chance to clear their mind and recharge their mental well-being.
  • Develop a mentally healthy workplace.Make your workplace professional but comfortable by having positive features such as plants and natural lighting. These things will psychologically uplift and energize your employees to engage and work.




Improving the overall well-being of your employees is beneficial for your company. The more you give value to their health, the more they want to give their best for your company, and the fewer chances of employee turnover. In addition, you’re also helping them live a healthy lifestyle, so make sure to include plans and programs that will improve your employee’s health to create a healthy office or workplace.


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