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What is Pilates? Know Its Results and the Myths Associated With It

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Pilates is an exercising program which concentrates on the strengthening of our body, working on its core and making its connection with the mind simultaneously. It helps to keep our body flexible, balanced and maintains the posture of our body. The body gets coordinated with the mind while doing such exercises.

Joseph Pilates, a German carpenter and a gymnast by profession, discovered this form of exercise. It was earlier a rehabilitative exercise meant for injured soldiers, dancers, and athletes in the UK. He moved to the US and open a Pilates studio in New York. It gained popularity thereafter and now celebrities also practice this form of exercise regularly to keep their body and mind fit.

Courses and Results

Meant for body and mind fitness, this form of exercise suits each class of people and no matter you are a beginner or experienced, it is sure going to show you results you are looking for. As a beginner, you can start with some basic exercises and then once you master them you can move to difficult workouts. You can join Tensegrity Pilates Courses or have a private instructor to help you with the correct postures in order to avoid any injury. However, unlike other forms of exercise Pilates courses don’t involve risks practicing them.

You can witness numerous benefits while practicing this form of exercise and would notice the changes both in body and mind at the same time. Some of the benefits people generally notice in them are:

  • Flexibility– Flexibility is what aging and aged people require the most to prevent their body from injuries. Pilates will show you great results in your flexibility.
  • Good Posture– It helps in maintaining a good posture of your body so that your body is perfect in alignment.
  • Balance – As it helps in improving our mind-body connection, it also starts improving our physical balance along with the mind-body balance.
  • Muscle Tone– We tend to lose our muscle tone with aging. It helps dramatically in toning our muscles within a brief period.
  • Stress Buster– Pilates requires your physical as well as mental presence and thus, helps in reducing your stress by focusing on the mind-body connection.

Some Myths about Pilates

  • Pilates is for women only– Many have a misconception that it is just for women. This is completely wrong as Pilates, the discoverer, was himself a man and he trained many other men too.
  • Pilates is expensive– It doesn’t cost you more if you join a group class unlike spending a lot on a private instructor. Some studios provide discounts on their courses too.
  • Pilates and yoga are alike– Since both of them focus on mind-body connection, many are of the opinion that they are same. Pilates differ from yoga as its main motive is on strengthening your body and it uses support for realignment.
  • Pilates is easy– The difficulty level varies on the age grounds. It can be easy as well as difficult as per your needs. So, there are rooms for people of every age.

Everyone can practice it, however pregnant women and people suffering from some diseases should consult health professionals before giving it a start.

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